5 Nutritious Food you could include in your diet if you are over 50.

Most people we see in this world don’t take good care of themselves unless they are still young. But to know how much our health is at risk when we reach old age. There could be plenty of reasons to catch any disease easily. Because at old age, our body doesn’t actively act towards the food we carry in our diet.  So it is really important to look out for what we consume in old age. This will help them stay healthy and to live a strong life ahead. The nutrition we take is a big game-changer when it comes to how one ages. If you wish to age gracefully and strongly, what you eat plays an important part in this. Our bodies are made of the food we eat, absorb and digest, which means the majority of the food we eat should refill, renovate, and energize our bodies.

But the question is what food are these? Here in this blog, we will show the most nutritious food that is beneficial for your health. It will help you to grow stronger as you age.

Bone Broth

The benefits of drinking bone broth daily can mainly be attributed to the rich blend of nutrients such as collagen, glycine, gelatin, proline, glutamine, and arginine it contains. Collagen helps keep the skin healthy as it ensures structural integrity and also helps strengthen bones. Gelatin helps the bones to function without friction. It also helps overworked joints to function optimally as it provides the building blocks necessary to build and maintain strong bones and bone mineral density. Glutamine plays a crucial role in building muscle and maintaining good gut and immune health, liver health, brain health, and improving the detoxification process. It also has a magical ability to heal the intestines. The wisteria in bone broth acts as an antidepressant and helps improve your mood. Bone broth also promotes healthy sleep. You can easily make bone broth at home with crow’s feet, sheep’s feet, or fish bones.

Mutton, Free-range Chicken Soup

Everyone knows that dietary protein is the building block of our body. Despite different schools of thought and conflicting opinions, research has shown that animal protein has the highest bio availability factor, well ahead of plant protein.

This means that animal protein is the most easily assimilated and digested form of protein for humans. Plus, there is no need to worry about the fat in red meat, the stearic acid in red meat can help you lose weight as it signals the body to burn more fat. Dark chicken meat is wealthy in diet K2, and chicken skin carries collagen which is ideal for the body. Low mercury seafood such as pomfret, shrimp is not only a good source of protein but also omega3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory. If you want your body to repair and heal itself every day, it is essential to include dairy protein in your daily diet.


One of the cheapest and most readily available forms of animal protein, it’s often considered Mother Nature’s original superfood. In addition to protein, they contain several essential nutrients that make them the number one choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Egg white contains around 60% high-quality animal protein; egg yolk is loaded with the rest of essential nutrients such as healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. While most people fear eggs because of the fat, there is no conclusive research document showing that egg fat and cholesterol can harm health. Some people even consumed up to 30 eggs a day without any impact on their health. Eggs are so versatile that they can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as a snack when you’re hungry.


It is one of the most nutrient-dense natural foods known to man and contains the highest density of vitamin A compared to all other foods. The liver and other organic foods contain a large amount of folic acid, iron, vitamin B, vitamin A, and copper. A single serving of liver is rich enough to meet your daily nutritional needs and reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies. Consuming optimal amounts of the liver helps prevent problems associated with aging such as eye disease, inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, etc. It is also rich in minerals such as folic acid, iron, zinc, and selenium. It is also helpful in improving heart health and increasing hemoglobin levels in the blood.

Organic Seasonal Fruits

Fruits are generally the least toxic parts of a plant. Including seasonal fruits in our daily diet extends several health benefits to the body. They are an excellent source of various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. For those of us who crave sweets, fruit is a perfect dessert option. They are nature’s sweets. If you are afraid of fruits because of the sugar they contain, you don’t have to be. The fructose in fruit is not the same as the harmful fructose found in processed foods. The only caveat is that if you have severe diabetes and insulin resistance, the fruit could trigger high blood sugar responses, but it’s easy enough to reverse this condition that you should if you want to live a life long and healthy, and as a bonus.

Clarified Butter and Coconut Oil

Remember how your grandmother harshly declared the superiority of clarified butter over all other cooking oils. Clarified Butter for good health, for healthy skin, for healthy hair; depending on both your great grandmothers, the benefits of clarified butter outweighed everything else. They were right. Several studies indicate that refined vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, peanut, soybean, safflower, mustard, sesame, cottonseed, palm oil, corn oil, and so on lead to pro-inflammatory conditions when consumed. You don’t want inflammation as you get older. Clarified butter and coconut oil, on the other hand, are free from inflammatory components. These good fats help maintain essential cellular integrity, which is what your body needs as it ages. These fats also help your skin to glow, making it softer, younger, and firmer. Diets high in saturated fat also prevent hormonal imbalances, as most hormones depend on cholesterol as a building block.


Eating healthy and taking care of yourself and your loved one is the most beautiful thing we could do in this life we have. It is really important to put a check on your diet realizing what you are consuming each day. Because it will help us live our life peacefully without taking the stress of any disease. Nutritional needs vary by age and gender. Now that you’re older, the foods and drinks that make up a healthy diet may need to be slightly different from what you had when you were younger. In general, you will need less and more food than others.

 The way you eat as an older person also varies depending on your gender: older men have different nutritional needs than older women.

 But healthy eating doesn’t change much with age, especially if you already eat well. You just need to be aware of your specific nutritional needs and tailor your food choices so that your body gets exactly what it needs to stay healthy in old age.

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