5 Pro Tips to Find an Amazing Writer

In the digital era we live in, content is a Swiss army knife. By crafting the reputation of a company’s online presence, compelling content helps not only increase brand awareness but maintain a steady flow of clients.

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 91% of B2B marketers utilize content marketing to attract new customers. And 86% of B2C marketers strongly feel that content marketing is the key to business success.

If reaching clients with efficient content marketing is something that has been keeping you up at night, it’s time you thought about making a content strategy and finding the right writer.

Reach Out to a Professional Writing Service

If search queries like ‘I don’t want to write my paper’ or ‘content writers for hire’ sound just like you, you can always pass on this task to a reputable writing service company. The benefits you’ll reap from using a little help from professional writers are endless. First off, you’ll relieve the burden of writing it yourself and move on with things you want to put first, like shaping your business strategy, speeding up the hiring, increasing the customer base, and so on. Second, writing a good copy takes a lot of time and effort. You’re highly likely to struggle to do it yourself and might not come up with a good one. A copy written by a professional writer speaks for itself – it’s attractive, informative, and always to the point. 

Working with a writing company, you’ll get the finest plagiarism-free content tailored specifically to you and made in a timely manner. Simple as that. 

Check Out Most Popular Freelance Platforms

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According to the recent stats, most freelancers (73%) are now seeking jobs at various online marketplaces. Back in the 2000s, there were a lot of small freelance websites. But over time, we have witnessed the way they evolved into true market leaders. 

So, if you are looking for an experienced writer, you’ll want to take a closer look at the list of the most famed and active freelance platforms. No matter what your business size, revenue, and the niche you operate in, these platforms have got you covered. Every day, plenty of copywriters and tech writers flock there looking for a job. Whether you are pursuing to hunt a professional with senior-level expertise or an amateur well-versed in SEO and link-building strategy, these websites are where you can find one. 

Post a Creative Ad on Your Facebook Page

If you are active on social media and have a strong network of followers, posting an ad on your Facebook page sounds like a good option. Come up with an extraordinary ad to win people’s attention. But do not forget that your ad should be compelling yet informative – state what type of writer you currently need, how much work do you have at the moment, and how much money you are ready to pay. You should also keep in mind that you are looking for a real person, not a content magician. So, don’t go the extra mile writing a boring half-page ad. Make it rather short and simple. Find your way to communicate your message through this ad and attract the right talent. 

Ask Some Help From a Community, Forum or a Group You’re in

Count on different groups and chats you are in because they can be of much help. First, start by asking away in Facebook and LinkedIn communities. They can prove successful in helping you find the right fit for your project. Then move to non-work-related communities and groups. You might be surprised, but even in a baseball community or fisherman chat, there’s a pretty good chance to find people who might recommend you a mutual friend of theirs who knows where the good writers go. So, just give it a go.

Get an Advice From Your Friends or Colleagues


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Have you ever heard of the ‘Word–of–mouth marketing’? More simply, this is when a friend or a colleague recommends you a person to do a specific job. Nelson states that 92% do trust recommendations given by a family member or a close friend

That is why it’s worth asking a few friends or colleagues of yours if they’ve ever hired a writer and if yes, could they put you in touch with them. 

Wrapping It Up

If you can’t keep up with generating quality content on your own, hiring a professional writer seems like the right thing to do. These days, there are plenty of writers and content producers out there, but finding the good one is an extremely challenging task. But not an unfeasible one, when you’re aiming to do so. 

No matter where you choose to search, technical writing, marketing copywriting, or academic papers is just an order away from you.

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