6 Useful Wear Os Smartwatch App You Should Have In 2019

Wearing a smartwatch is like wrapping a tiny computer to your wrist because it can do so many things like displaying notifications, count how many steps you made in a day, track your heartbeat for any abnormalities, and it can also provide an accurate time anywhere around the globe without you needing to adjust it.


But the capabilities of a smartwatch does not end there. There are more things you can do to your smartwatch besides those basic features that it has. Let’s just say that you are using a Wear Os type of smartwatch, there are a lot of apps you can download and use to certain activity whing will provide great convenience and here are some of the best Wear OS apps.

Bring – Grocery Shopping List

Have you ever tried listing all the things that you need to buy on a grocery store and when you are already on your way to the store you end up leaving it behind. That is one of the many disadvantages of the traditional way of listing your shopping lists. But you don’t need to worry anymore about that kind of problem because there is already a perfect app for that.

It is called “Bring! Grocery Shopping List”, you can download this app on play store using your Wear Os smartwatch and the good thing about this app is that it is for free. You can now list different kinds of items you need to buy for your house and at the same time, you can also share it with your household members.

You don’t need to type each item that you need to this app, all you need to do is tap the icons like egg, tissue paper, milk, and juice. You can also categorize things that you need to buy like or example a bottle of wine for the party and milk for the house. Everything you need is all set up on this unique app.

Google Maps

Everyone is already familiar with this app and most people are using this via smartphones and computers. The good news is that you can now download Google Maps on your smartwatch and it is still for free. You can now track your destination or search for specific places without the need of pulling out your smartphone.

Most people that are using a smartwatch like to go for a run and with the help of this app you will don’t need to bring your smartphone with you while running. It will save you some weight and is also very convenient since you can just right away search for the right way where you wanted to go and it will also provide specific information on how ar the place going.



Have you ever tried to go on a mini-vacation and you were so hungry but the is that you could not find any restaurants or coffee shops? The Foursquare app is the answer to that kind of problem. By downloading this app from Play Store, you will be able to find specific fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, Buffet Restaurants, and even the most luxurious restaurants.

The app maker made a new upgrade to this app for Wear Os version in which it more specific finding your needs. It will ask for certain questions like “What is your mood today” and there will be some choices that will be given to you. It can also provide tips and advice to what are the best places you need to go to.


Having a hard time finding the right route or commute on a certain place you are visiting? The Citymapper app is the perfect app for this type of scenario. Unlike Google Maps, Citymapper will provide specific tips and information for you to know where to go or what to ride. It will also provide information about the available transportation to the place you wanted to go to.

Using your smartwatch, the Citymapper will help you go around the city with ease using the most efficient way of transport like subway, train, ferry, taxi, bus, bike, and even walking. The Wear Os version will provide exact or step-by-step directions and alerts for you to be aware of if you already need to hop off or hop on.

For now, there are still cities in the United States that are not yet covered by this app although some major cities like Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area Los Angeles, and New York City that you can use this app without any problem.


An app perfect for most people that loves to exercise but don’t have enough time to do it. Downloading this app through Play store and using it on your smartwatch, it will provide specific instructions on how long you need to do a specific exercise and how long you need to take a break. It will also provide animations display of the exercise will look like.

The good thing about this app is that you don’t need your smartphone to let it work. Just wear your smartwatch and tap the Seven icon and you’re good to go. If you love to go outdoor and wanted a luxury watch instead of a smartwatch here are the best watches for that like the Omega Seamaster, Casio PRW, Luminox Recon, and Bremont MB-2.


A perfect app to fight stress and boredom especially if you are traveling for long hours or even going for a run. Versions of this app are usually used on smartphones and computers and since smartwatches are growing fast, they made a new version specifically for smartwatches. Using this app on your smartwatch you will be able to listen to your favorite music on the go.

Listening to music is for free but if wanted to save your favorite songs, you need to pay a monthly fee. This app will let you have fast access to your music controls and playlists which is perfect when you are running or doing something.


Smartwatch is continuing to improve and you can expect that there will be more apps in the future that will provide great assistance for all smartwatch users. For now, these are the most useful apps you can download to your smartwatch.

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