7 Reasons Why You Should Use Terpenes Products

One 1 of every 7 adults in the United States has used marijuana in some way shape or form.

Some leverage the plant to achieve a high. Others use it to enjoy its CBD effects which are helpful when it comes to treating a variety of ailments.

No matter how often somebody uses marijuana, if you approached them and asked about terpenes products, they’d probably scratch their head and reply with a, “Huh?”.

Here’s the deal, terpenes are natural oils that are secreted in the same glands that pump out THC and CBD. Despite that, terpenes have only started being looked at recently by scientists.

So far, we’re seeing that terpenes have a variety of applications and can vastly improve the quality of life of those that leverage them.

Below, our team touches on some of terpenes’ many uses in hopes of inspiring you to try them out!

1. Terpenes Enhance Marijuana’s Effects

One of the initial findings that scientists have dug up regarding terpenes is that the oil enhances marijuana’s effects. The effects terpenes can enhance are broad.

If you’re looking for a deeper high from marijuana, higher levels of terpenes being consumed alongside THC can help you achieve that end. If your marijuana pursuits are purely of a medical nature, higher levels of terpenes accompanying CBD can help you enjoy more relief.

2. They Smell Wonderful

Terpenes found in marijuana carry a wonderful smell that’s reminiscent of marijuana plants but not quite as staunch. That perfect balance creates a sort of natural aroma that inspires both relaxation and healing.

We know people that leverage terpenes oils as aromatherapy products after a long day at work. We’ve also seen people drip the oil into humidifying devices to purify the air in their homes.

3. It Tastes Great

It’s not always the case where something that smells good also tastes good (or viseversa). Fortunately, terpenes wins in this regard.

Many have terpenes in their spice cabinet and use their products as a natural flavor enhancer across a variety of dishes.

Before you go and follow in these people’s footsteps, be sure to understand what the reactions of various people you’re serving are to marijuana terpenes. Some people find that exposure to the oil can cause a certain high in consumers that not everyone you’re serving may welcome.

4. Your Senses Will Be Enhanced

Given that terpenes are essentially a natural enhancer for marijuana’s effects, if you isolate the oil, you can use it to enhance your senses.

Many users of terpenes have reported being able to taste more vividly and smell more effectively after light exposure. As a matter of fact, people with clinical conditions like ageusia, or anosmia have found some relief by leveraging marijuana terpenes.

5. It Carries a Number of Medical Benefits

If you’re looking for an alternative to CBD products for various ailments, terpenes products are worth checking out.

While not extensively clinically proven, marijuana terpenes have been known to treat conditions such as inflammation, pain, epilepsy and even addiction.

There’s a lot more to know about terpenes on the medical front, so, if you’d like to explore its origins and effects further, this information should be able to help direct your search.

6. You’re on the Cutting Edge

It’s not every day that you get to be a part of something bigger. When you purchase terpenes products, you afford yourself that chance.

How is that?

Terpenes extracted from marijuana have a number of suspected benefits (many of which we’ve touched on already). At this point though, given how new research is around terpenes, a lot of the benefits these oils carry aren’t officially proven.

The more people that are willing to adopt terpenes into their routines, the more stories that we’re going to hear about them and the better that we’re going to understand everything.

As the broad community of terpenes users continues to contribute data, science will be able to make sense of things more quickly and we’ll collectively create conditions where terpenes can fully thrive and help millions of people.

7. Terpenes Aren’t Exclusive to Marijuana

You’d be surprised by how many people won’t accept marijuana’s help just because it’s marijuana. Much of that refusal is due to the stigma the population has put on the drug over the last decade.

If you know somebody in your life that won’t touch marijuana or anything associated with it despite its benefits, terpenes products could serve as an excellent middle ground because terpenes come from a variety of plants.

Myrcene in mangos, liomene in citrus fruits, terpineol in lilac… These are all manifestations of terpenes.

Making that case to a loved one might allow them to see cannabis-extracted terpenes outside of the context of drugs and within the context of being a natural, non-stigmatized healer brought to us by nature.

Wrapping Up Reasons Why You Should Use Terpenes Products

It can be hard to wrap your head around what exactly terpenes are because of all of the shapes it takes on in nature. For immediate purposes, we’d like you to think of terpenes as oil found in marijuana which can both enhance and create special healing and recreational experiences.

Our recommendation is to stop reading about this miracle oil and actually try it! Only then will you be able to understand everything that terpenes products have to offer.

There’s a lot to know about life. Our team at CostumesHype makes taking in all of that information a little easier.

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