Stressed About the Holidays? Here are 7 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Significant Other

As we get older, the holidays can become more and more stressful. Wondering what gifts to buy everyone turns into more of a chore and less of a gesture of good tidings and goodwill. 

Beyond buying something special for family members, it’s even more stressful coming up with ideas for your significant other, especially if it seems they already have everything they could ever want or need. 

With a few ideas in mind, you could surprise your spouse with the best gift they could ask for. Put the “thought” in thoughtful with these gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with your significant other this holiday season.

1. An Edible Arrangement

As part of your gift to your partner, you could get them a holiday-themed edible arrangement for Thanksgiving or New Year’s. If your partner has a sweet tooth for sweet fruit, choose from a range of fruits, from strawberries and apples to grapes and melons. Choose your spouse’s favorite fruits and consider adding chocolate-dipped fruit to the mix (that is, if your spouse is a diehard chocolate fanatic). 

2. A Great Piece of Lingerie

Lingerie makes a great gift for almost any occasion, because you can never really have enough pieces. Knowing this, find your spouse a sexy piece or two of lingerie. These unmentionables are indeed an intimate, romantic and thoughtful gift to give your significant other (or even yourself!). Add a little spiciness to the holidays this season with a gift you can both enjoy.

3. A Fill-in-the-Blank Book Titled ‘What I Love About You’

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Essentially, you fill out the book with all the reasons why you love your significant other and present it to him or her. It’s a heartfelt way to express appreciation and gratitude for all that your partner contributes to the relationship. So, grab your copy and start thinking about what you’ll write about your partner while you wait for it to arrive in the mail.

4. A Massager

If you’re age 30 and older, this type of gift is a godsend. When every ache and pain feels like you’re dying, a massager(really of any kind) is a thoughtful gift. And your gift recipient will be eternally grateful. Depending on what types of aches and pains your spouse is experiencing, you might want to go with a neck, back or foot massager.

5. Memory Foam Slippers

Everyone loves to be pampered, and we would probably all agree that walking around in memory foam slippers is equivalent to gliding around on tiny clouds. Simply heaven. So, give the gift of foot heaven this holiday season and scrounge up a pair for your significant other — and maybe a pair for you, too (treat yo’ self!).

6. An Essential Oil Diffuser Locket

Give your spouse the gift of carrying their favorite scent with them wherever they go. Indeed, nothing says “I love you” like aromatherapy scents combined with jewelry. You really can’t go wrong here. Find out which essential oils your partner loves and start shopping for a starter set, so she can smell good all throughout the holiday season (as she thinks lovingly of you).

7. A Personalized Gift of Some Kind

Personalized jewelry is often a perfect gift if your partner wears jewelry, but if they don’t, there are plenty of other personalized gift options too. Think about what kinds of things they like. Are they diehard watchers of The Office? Or are they a hardcore Grey’s Anatomy fan? Figure out what type of personalized gift you want to give your spouse and start searching online for a way to make it happen. Are you going to go the humorous route? Or take the road to romance?

Finding the Right Gifts for Your Spouse

Buying great holiday gifts doesn’t have to be the stress that ruins the holiday season. Use these and other ideas as a guide to get your spouse the gifts that will truly make their holiday season special. Think about what they deem most important and find a gift that truly makes them light up with joy.

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