Are Psychics Real? A Guide to the Tricks Mediums Use to Bamboozle You

When the economy is in the trenches, the psychic business soars. The industry generates about $2 billion a year in revenues. But the age-old question remains: Are psychics real?

While there are genuine people out there with clairvoyant abilities, the fact of the matter is the business is also riddled with frauds. They use some of the oldest tricks in the book to swindle unsuspecting clients out of their hard-earned cash.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at some of the tricks fake psychics use to fool their clients into believing they’re the real deal. Read on.

1. Are Psychics Real? Not If They Ask You a Whole Bunch of Questions

Clairvoyant mediums don’t need a lot of information to go on. If you come across one who’s asking you a ton of questions then you know you’re dealing with a fake.

They might begin the session by putting out a disclaimer that the messages they receive from the spiritual realm can be a bit hazy sometimes. So they may need a little help from you to gain some clarity.

If you agree to “help them out” they’re now assured of your cooperation. A fake psychic reading might sound something like:

“I’m getting the name of somebody. It’s a male name. It begins with the letter K.

Oh, it was C? Thank you. I’m sensing that this gentleman was close to you.

He is either your father, or knew your father, or was a paternal figure on your mother’s side of the family. I’ll need a little help here.

Oh, it was your maternal grandfather? Ah yes, I see that now…”

By the time the psychic session is over, the client is the one who’s done most of the work. So, how do psychics work?

Real mediums have a gift. They can give you highly specific information without having to prompt you to agree or disagree with their description.

Their abilities are innate. If you need more information about how they work, you can learn more about these guides here.

2. Telling You That You Are Cursed

That is an absolute faux pas in the psychic world. If a psychic ever comes out to tell you that you’re cursed or that you have some negative force lurking in you, you should know right away that you are dealing with a fake medium.

In the same breath, if they offer to cast a spell on your behalf (for an additional fee, of course), they are running an elaborate con on you. No real psychic possesses the power to alter someone’s destiny.

The same thing applies to a hex. If they try to convince you that you’re under a spell and for the right amount of money they can get rid of it for you, just walk away. There isn’t a single genuine clairvoyant medium out there who would offer to do anything of that nature.

3. Researching on Their Clients Beforehand

When psychics work with a large audience, a trick they often use is to choose the person they’ll focus their reading on ahead of time. They might get a person working with them to have a conversation with this person beforehand just to get a feel for who they are.

They use the opportunity to gather as much information as they possibly can. They’ll then make it appear like their selection of that audience member was completely random.

That way, they can deliver a pretty accurate reading to the amazement of spectators. In most cases, fake psychics are nothing more than expert researchers who do a background check on their clients before a session. This information is readily available on social networking sites.

4. Cold Reading

There’s a lot of information you’re projecting about yourself without having to utter a single word. Fake psychics train themselves in the art of cold reading.

They get accurate information about you judging by how you’re dressed, the way you walk, your speech patterns, social behavior, etc. By looking at how you carry yourself they can often tell what your current situation in life is.

If you pay close attention to what their readings reveal you’ll notice they’ve cold read the client. More often than not, it’s really obvious.

5. Making Vague Generalized Assertions

This is a common trick fake mediums use to con unsuspecting clients out of their valuable bucks. They make vague and general statements that could apply to anyone.

For instance, rather than make a bold and definitive statement like: “You suffer from severe social anxiety”, they would instead say something more general like:

“Sometimes, you often find yourself battling with the discomfort social situations present.” This is a fact that is true for almost every human being on earth. The majority of people would agree with that statement.

6. Claiming That You Were Famous in Your Past Life

This is probably the oldest tricks in the book. A fake psychic might tell you that you were a notable historical figure in your past life.

The common go-to figures they often use for their female clients are Cleopatra and Nefertiti. Others might even claim that you died in the Holocaust or in the First World War.

If you encounter a psychic making such outrageous claims, you should know instantly that you’re dealing with a fake.

7. They Keep Dangling the Carrot

Most fake mediums will often give you readings that leave you with even more questions that you had when you first spoke with them. They prey on your expectations about dating, relationships, business, money… Anything they deem to be important to you based on the information they have.

You have to pay an additional fee to access this information. For instance, some of the things fake psychics might tell you to prompt you to pay extra are:

  • “I can see that money, power, and influence are coming your way soon. My predictions come true 100% of the time. So, with my help, I can help you remain on the path to guarantee your success.”
  • “I have a powerful talisman that was handed down to me through generations from my ancestors. I will use it to help you find what you seek.”
  • “All the problems you’re currently going through, stem from your past life. I can guide you on how to fix it through an advanced reading.”

Basically, you only get a solution when you fork over more money. That’s how you know you’re getting scammed.

The Bottom Line

Are psychics real? The short answer is yes – they do indeed exist. Genuine clairvoyant mediums have a true gift.

Use this guide to help you weed out the frauds from the professionals to know when you’re being taken for a ride. Everyone needs a little guidance every now and then.Is there such a thing as too much affection in a relationship? Find out how to tell what’s normal.

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