It’s that time of the year once more folks. The reawakening of spring has come and gone, and the lively, blazing nature of summer has passed. We are now in the season of falling leaves and cool weather, the season with harvest moons and pumpkin patches. We, dear readers, are in the fall.

Yes indeed, autumn has arrived to grace us with its presence. Soon the green leaves of summer will be replaced by hues of orange, yellow, and red, and the weather will begin to cool and grow rigid. There will be a breeze in the air, maybe even more so if you live up north. But it is a great season for us all. 

Autumn is the time of year when things begin to wind down when the land begins to rest and sleep, but the same isn’t the case for us. From pumpkin patches to Hallow’s Eve, there are plenty of activities to do in the fall. But shouldn’t you be comfortable when doing them? And what shows better comfortability in the season than dressing for it?

Whether jackets or flannels, you’ll want to start dressing up to keep warm. For not long after autumn, winter will be coming right around the corner. So you have got a plethora of apparel to choose from, but what looks more stylish on a person than a nice comfy sweater?

Nothing spells readiness for fall like a sweater, why do you think one nickname for the season is sweater weather? This garment is a stylish choice for anyone wanting to wear it, especially women. But what is it about sweaters that make them so appealing?

what are sweaters?

Sweaters, also known as pullovers or jumpers, are a piece of upper body clothing with long sleeves that is comprised of knitted or crocheted material fabric (see more here). In some designs, they can also be sleeveless, in which case they’re more referred to as slipovers, sweater vests, or just tank tops. The design of a sweater varies, but usually, it can be pulled over the head to wear. Some also are fastened with zippers or buttons (cardigans) to allow them to be worn or removed more easily.

how are they worn?

Sweaters are usually worn untucked and made to fit. However, they are versatile pieces of clothing and can be worn in a variety of different fashions. For example, sports sweaters can be worn on top of a sports kit, or a regular sweater can be worn with a dress shirt and tie with some dress pants and shoes. 

how to take care of them

First and foremost, you have to clean them. They are maintained by washing and drying them like other clothes. However, unlike other clothes, you want to wash them in pure water only, not in soap or detergent, and especially not bleach. Doing otherwise can remove a sweater’s lanolin, which in turn lessens the garment’s ability to repel stains such as dirt or grime. 

appeal of sweaters

  • Comfort- A few pieces of clothing are more comfortable than a sweater. It’s cozy to the fit and breathable. 
  • Wearable all year- It is an adaptable piece of clothing, able to be worn in the spring, summer, fall, or winter. Of course, they are better for the autumn season. 
  • Unisex- They’re not based on just one gender. Male or female, a sweater is a great fashion choice. 

These are just a few reasons. For more on the appeal of sweaters click here:

What Kind of Sweater Should You Get?

what kind of sweater should you get?

Now this really depends on a multitude of personal preferences. You can get a sweater based on the price, your build, the aesthetic, the material, etc. But let’s go over a few of the different choices to consider when picking one out. 

  • Fit- Sweaters can come in many different shapes and sizes. You have turtlenecks, cropped, crewnecks, or even oversized. Trust me when I say that no two sweaters are exactly the same; there’s always some detail that is different. The fit for you will be different depending on how you wear it and what their style is. 
  • Fabric- Sweaters, like other pieces of clothing, are of course made out of different fabrics. They can be comprised of just one fabric or a multitude of them, it all depends on the brand and composition. Now, no material is superior to the other per se, but each does have its own unique perk. For example, cotton is a flexible material that provides breathability, wool is a lot thicker and takes in more heat, and cashmere is extremely soft but tends to be more expensive than other fabrics. And of course, you have sweaters that can be a blend of different materials like polyester and acrylic, these tend to be more affordable. 
  • Price- Sweaters can be affordable or expensive. Like I said before, it really depends on the material composition and the brand behind it. A sweater’s price can range anywhere between 30- 200$, maybe even more. 

Where to get sweaters 

Finding a sweater for you is as simple as going out for a drive to the nearest clothing store or going shopping on your phone with just the click of a button. There is no shortage of places that sell cute fall sweaters for your purchase. Some of these places include Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenny, Target, TJ Max, Hot Topic, and many more. 


A sweater can be worn any time of the year with grace and fashion. But in the fall particularly, this garment truly shines, highlighting one’s sense of style and grace wherever they go and with whatever they do. So, before you go to that pumpkin patch you’ve been dying to see, or attend that haunted house with the family or friends, make sure you have the clothing to make yourself look stylish and comfortable when doing so. Sweater weather is here my friends, and isn’t here to stay, so get one while you can!

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