Best Game Apps for Your Phone

Our phones help us all the time. We use the apps to track our finances, keep up with the news, fashion, and our friends, and we use our phones to keep us entertained. There are even apps for smartwatches now. Our mini pocket computers do a lot for us and have replaced having multiple devices to do singular tasks. The biggest task of all and the subject of this article is entertainment. More specifically, gaming and what apps you should be using to game with. So, if you enjoy finding good quality apps to keep you entertained, then this one is for you.


Augmented Reality is relatively new to the world of cell phones and apps. AR games are a great way to change the reality around you and play a game on the move. Pokémon Go is one of the most popular AR gaming apps, and it does not disappoint. It’s been going strong for over three years and has recently updated to include more interactive play. Now you can have your buddy Pokémon walk next to you in the game. Your buddy will help you make catches and earn extra points.

You can also battle other trainers remotely, and there are really good incentives for winning battles. With the additions to the game, it is more fun, and it’s a great time to get out there and catch all the pocket monsters you can find. Other AR games follow a similar build with places of interest to explore and in-game points. There’s a Harry Potter game that’s a lot of fun and includes a really good storyline, and there’s even a Walking Dead AR game. So it just boils down to what kind of AR you want to experience in gameplay.


If you like to keep your game options more traditional and strategy based, then apps like Sudoku, PokerStars, Crossword Puzzle, and Chess are always a great choice. These games still offer a thrilling challenge when it comes to working your brain. And given how you have to be able to make split decisions and build a strategy and recognize patterns, these games enhance your ability beyond the confines of the app or game. Winning or completing a puzzle in these games makes you feel smart and accomplished. There’s a reason why these classic games are still around, and people everywhere enjoy them.

Battle Royale

Be the last to survive, and you’ll get all the spoils. At least that’s how battle royale style games work. You can take your pick from games like Fortnite that has a massive following with huge prizes if you’re good enough to compete, to games like League of Legends where you choose your hero, and see how your avatar stacks up against other players. These games offer their own thrills with all kinds of customization and battle styles. Each time you enter the arena with your character, the game gets flipped on its head based on online gamers. Whichever battle royale style of game you choose; you definitely won’t get bored with the same ol’ same ol’


When it comes to puzzle games, I’m not talking about apps where you put virtual puzzles together. While those are fun, the games I’m talking about are the kind that creates another world full of mysteries for you to unlock, with a story that grabs you from the start with little surprises tucked in along the way.

Puzzle games like The Room are amazing works of art that take you on a journey, all the while giving you little nuggets of information that keep you pushing through until you get to the bittersweet end. Each new puzzle that you solve and unlock gives you a little bit of joy and insight into the story. While these games do ultimately come to an end, they are great games to play on your phone if you enjoy being immersed in story and detail.

Games on our phones have come a long way since the first cell phone and the handful of pre-programmed games that were available. While you can still access games like snake and solitaire, there are tons of games to choose from and something to fit everyone’s preferences. While not every game is covered, if you’re looking for some of the most popular, then they’re on our list. If you enjoy games, then definitely give some a try the next time you’re in the mood to play a game.

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