Biomedical Science – A Challenging Career

When science and biology come together, it creates a new discipline, which is known as biomedical science and here in Australia, that would involve tropical climate aspects. If you are thinking of enrolling in a Bachelor Degree course majoring in biomedicine, there are many great career opportunities within this field. If you have always felt at home in a science lab, this is the field for you; research is booming in biomedicine and the sky’s the limit in terms of research possibilities.

What Does Biomedical Science Involve?

This discipline involves the study of human physiology, human pathology and pharmacology to try to solve medical issues faced by today’s society. From lab research to therapeutics and disease mechanisms, biomedicine science includes pharmacology, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology and molecular medicine.

Enrolling in a Bachelor of Biomedicine Degree Course

There are several universities in Australia where you can enrol in a Bachelor of Biomedicine course, which can be studied on a full or part time basis, whichever you prefer.  Once you find the nearest university, browse their website for full course details and there are other free resources on the Internet that will help you learn more about this field of study.

Career Opportunities

If you graduate with a Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences, there is a long list of careers that you could pursue, including the following:

  • Lab technician
  • Scientific journalist
  • Teacher
  • Patent lawyer
  • Career in research
  • Clinical scientist
  • Veterinary science

Once you complete your Bachelor Degree, you can continue to learn more about this fascinating subject and with a Master’s Degree, you could move into advanced research. You might, for example, wish to explore the world of forensics, which is very challenging and a lot rides on your performance. Choices are many and if you are still in the process of making up your mind, that’s fine at this stage. Click here for a few websites to change your life for the better.

Course Details

The Bachelor Degree in Biomedicine offers 4 majors, which are as follows:

  • Molecular and cell biology – Learn about natural systems and quantitative research.
  • Microbiology and cell biology – Learn about epidemiology
  • Medicinal and pharmaceutical sciences
  • Physiology and pharmacology

Depending on which major you choose, the course details vary and this is a full time 3-year course, or the equivalent part time and you have a maximum of 7 years to complete the degree.

Entry Requirements

This varies from institution to institution; check with the university website for precise entry requirements and you can coordinate with the admissions officer. There are several good universities that focus on biomedicine degrees and you should visit them all and tour the campus. There might be a possibility to do this degree online, or at least partly.The Australian government supports people who wish to continue their education with grants, check online to see if you qualify for educational funding. Once you find the right university, you can enrol in the degree course and choose your major.

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