Choosing Spy Apps on Devices with Android or iPhone

Today’s mobile devices work mostly with one of two operating systems: Android or iOS (iPhone). Android phones can undergo a process known as rooting, which will unlock all the internal features of the phone. This could invalidate the warranty of the equipment, but it opens the doors for us to take full advantage of the advanced features of cell phone spying applications.

For its part, iPhone phones have an operating system called iOS. To release their internal functions, it is necessary to subject them to a process called jailbreak. Like rooting on Android phones, the jailbreak will allow us to take advantage of the advanced features of the mentioned apps.

So how to choose the application? Simple, first see if the phone we are going to spy on has Android or iOS. Check here apps information if you have already undergone the process of rooting or jailbreak, as the case may be.

In our experience, we have noticed that it is easier to spy on iPhone phones because all backups and personal information are saved in the iCloud account, so many times it will be enough to provide the access data to the spy app to start the process.

Required Features

As you could tell, there are many functions present in the different types of applications to spy on cell phones. Which is the best? Do we really need all?

The answer to these questions depends on the type of spying we need to ask: we want to protect our children, spy on the couple, protect the leakage of information from our company, etc.

Below we List the Most Appreciated Features

  • GPS Location: An indispensable function if we will use the application for parental control or for the safety of one of our loved ones. We will know at all times the exact place where it is located.
  • Monitor text messages: It will allow us to read all text messages (SMS) that come out or are received on the mobile device.
  • Monitor Facebook Messenger: Get all messages exchanged through the Facebook messaging service.
  • Spy WhatsApp: Intercept all conversations, photos, audios, and videos of WhatsApp that go through the cell phone.
  • Capture all keystrokes: Keep a complete record of everything that is written on the phone. When saving it, you can get all the text messages, web pages visited, usernames and passwords that have been typed on the mobile.
  • Call history log: Detail of all incoming and outgoing calls: numbers, contacts, call duration, start and end time, etc.

Legal Considerations on Applications to Spy on Mobile Phones

It is always important to find out the legal considerations present in each country. However, we assume that if you are reading this article, you are primarily looking to protect some of your loved ones.

As a parent, you have the right to know who your children talk to and relate to. And if it is a pattern that has provided a cell phone to its employees, under contract they must be informed of any monitoring measures that the company will incur to maximize productivity times. Under these circumstances, it is completely legal to spy on a cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Spy Apps

Below we answer some of the most common questions about the installation and use of mobile spy apps.

What Spy Application Works Without the Target Phone?

mSpy can be installed remotely on iPhone phones and if we choose the version without jailbreak. We will have fewer monitoring functions than the standard version because we will use the online access of iCloud to collect the information.

Is it Possible to Track the Location of a Cell Phone?

Of course, yes. All the iOS and Android spy apps discussed in this article allow you to track the real-time location of the phone where it was installed.

mSpy even allows you to track a cell phone, even if you are not connected to the Internet. It is possible to achieve this using the GPS location data of the device.

Best cell phone tracker apps “” recommend investigating that the phone is compatible with the application you want to use. Most spy apps need to be installed directly on the phone.

Is Spy Apps Legal?

Spy apps can be very powerful, so it is important to investigate current legislation. Under the right circumstances, they are completely legal. If you are the legal owner of the phone, you can install the application you want.

If you want to spy on a cell phone, can always get much more information if we have direct access to the target cell phone.

There are hundreds of applications to spy on cell phones at, but many are nothing more than mere scams. Therefore, we only mention those that in our opinion is the best, after having tested and verified their stability.

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