Why Are Clothing Options for Men So Limited?

It’s an age-old question in the title: for as long as ‘fashion’ has been a commercial market it seems that women have all the choice, and men are expected to conform as follows: casual dress will be a pair of jeans or chinos, a t-shirt and jacket, and a pair of trainers. Formal means a suit and tie, and a polished pair of shoes. 

But what’s in-between? What about when a guy wants to dress to express himself, to make a fashion statement? What’s there for him that stands out, that sets a trend, something that his friends will appreciate and start wearing themselves? We’ve all done the football shirt and baseball cap trick, so now it’s time for something different! We’re going to look at some trends in men’s fashion and a brand that adds some excitement what you can wear. 

Male Fashion Choices are Growing

One place to start looking is the section on Men’s Clothing at Danali.ca as this is a brand that understands what the modern man wants. A great range of knitwear, for example, in a choice of styles, colours, patterns and sizes exudes quality making this typical of the fresh new brands that are catering for the fashion-conscious man of today. 

Look around you when you’re next out with your male friends and the conformity we mentioned earlier will certainly be evident. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a great-fitting pair of jeans – there’s a reason they’ve remained a fashion staple for so long – but what you pair them with can make a huge difference to how your look is perceived. Let’s check out a few of the trends expected to dominate male fashion in 2022.

2022 Fashion Trends to Look For

Among the male fashion trends for 2022 are some that are timeless, and others that have been inspired by the changing approach to gender and male culture in general. Here are a few examples:

  • Brightly coloured shirts and sweaters are set to be in as the general approach to muted and understated colour schemes is overtaken by wanting to stand out and brighten up the place.
  • Cardigans as coats are already picking up as they are attractive, convenient, and practical, and look great with any combination of trousers and top.
  • Leather is making a comeback after a few years of fading away, with both the biker and the more stylish smart-casual looks being picked up by young men about town. 
  • If you want to push the gender barrier than kilts and skirts for men are becoming more popular with guys who want to look different and yet retain that touch of class in how they dress.
  • The Chelsea boot, a timeless classic if ever there was one, might just be the footwear of choice for the discerning man in 2022. Comfortable, effortlessly stylish, and elegant, this is what you should be wearing for the spring season.

Be Yourself and Set the Trends

Men’s fashion has stuck to some pretty rigid rules for some time now, but it doesn’t have to. You know that what you choose to wear will reflect who you are and that’s why when updating your wardrobe there’s no harm in pushing the envelope a bit further and doing something different.

Put it this way: if you see something you like, don’t start thinking what your friends will say about it, just buy it, and then wear it. 2022 is the year of being you in how you dress, so start searching now and buy what you like and feel comfortable wearing.

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