The Future Of Delta-8 THC Is In The Delta-8 Flower

We have all watched as CBD products have taken the world by storm. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, a lot of new roads were opened up for the Hemp industry. In case you don’t know, that piece of legislation basically decriminalized all parts of the plant except for Delta-9 THC. Delta-9 THC is the Cannabis component that gets people “high,” but it isn’t the only one. It is the main actor, but Delta-8 THC also plays a role, and it has been largely ignored by regulators. 

Of course, we aren’t merely interested in a legal way to get “high.” The relaxing effects of Delta-8 THC are very mild in comparison to Marijuana, and it offers most of the same benefits as CBD. There are still some problems to work out, but we believe that the Delta-8 flower is going to be the most important Delta-8 product going forward. Here are some of the reasons behind that prediction.

Delta-8 Flower Can Address The Price Problem

Ever since Delta-8 THC first came on the scene, it has been regarded as an interesting novelty. It doesn’t enjoy the same level of popularity and respect that CBD gets, and that is mainly the case because Delta-8 is so expensive. You can buy weak extracts (50-60%) pretty cheap, but who wants to fool with weak solutions? The benefits that you seek to obtain will be difficult to get from a much weaker product.

Delta-8 extracts are expensive because the Hemp plant doesn’t contain very much of this substance. In fact, it has always been classified as one of the minor cannabinoids. This explains why regulators didn’t bother making Delta-8 illegal at the same time that they made Delta-9 illegal. They knew it would be impractical to extract large amounts of Delta-8 from a Cannabis crop, but that is beginning to change. 

As more and more companies like mrhempflower begin introducing Delta-8-dominant Hemp flowers, there is a chance for people to make and sell extracts more cheaply than ever. Normally, Hemp contains less than 1% of Delta-8 THC, so even a level of 10% would make the production about ten times more efficient. 

More Environmentally Friendly

When you use delta-8 Hemp flowers to make your Delta-8 isolate, there will certainly be less waste in the process. A less wasteful process is always better for the environment, and it’s hard to argue with that point. At the same time, it also means less time, space, and effort for the producer. 

When you can get the same yield from a plot of land that is ten times smaller (see above), that is a pretty significant improvement in terms of efficiency. Fewer plants will also mean less depletion of the soil and, thus, less need for crop rotation. In the end, a more efficient process will always have less impact on the environment. 

Delta-8 Provides A Relaxant But Non-Intoxicating Substance

Some of the earliest Hemp researchers discovered Delta-8 and never gave it much thought. However, now that people know that it will get you stoned (to a certain extent), it has become a very hot-ticket item. If nothing else, a lot of people want to try it for themselves and see if it works. 

However, here is the thing: Delta-8 THC doesn’t produce the same kind of intoxicated feeling that you often get from Delta-9 THC. This stuff does relax you, but it doesn’t make you feel groggy or “out of it.” Thus, most people do not experience any loss in motor reflex function or mental acuity. That means you can probably drive a car after smoking Delta-8 Hemp flowers. 

Much More Pleasant Than Isolates

Most of the time, a person who is interested in Delta-8 would have to buy an expensive container of Delta-8 isolate. This usually takes the form of a clear jelly-like substance in a small canister. You can ingest it, but most people prefer to smoke the stuff. Still, it isn’t exactly easy to smoke a gel. You can put it in your pipe, but it will quickly melt and run. You can smear a little bit on a cigarette or even a cigar, but that will probably cause it to burn unevenly. 

On top of the convenience issues, there is also the fact that Delta-8 isolate doesn’t really taste that good. It doesn’t have an unpleasant taste, but there’s nothing appealing about it, either. It’s just a bland and somewhat harsh substance that will often cause a lot of coughing. Delta-8 flowers, on the other hand, are usually patterned after popular strains of other kinds. They are selectively bred for high Delta-8 content, pleasant taste, and an appealing smell. 


For these reasons and more, we think that Delta-8 THC is here to stay. Further, we predict that Delta-8 flowers will become the most popular of these products. Although an isolate is a little stronger, the bud itself offers the most enjoyable smoke. As an alternative, you could always mix the two by putting a little dab of isolate on top of a bowl of Delta-8 flowers. That way, when the isolate melts from the heat, it will simply be absorbed into the flower, adding more potency. Thank you for reading this article all the way through, and we hope that you will have a pleasant and mellow day.

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