Do You Think Water Consumption is Good for Your Weight Loss?

There are many obese people out there who try many things to lose weight.  But it might be surprising for you to know that water worked miracle for them.  There are various studies out there that support the theory that drinking water is helpful for weight loss. Similarly hydration is main thing for many factors that play a crucial role in weight loss like that of digestion and muscle function.

Some people even specially installed water purifiers to ensure that they intake plenty of water that is clean and hygienic. Of course, you can also install a water purifier in your space. And if you find any issues or face any problem you can send message on Kent water purifier complaints email address. Anyhow, this is one thing. The point is you can lose a lot of weight once you are taking proper amount of clean and fresh water.

It Is A Natural Appetite Suppressant

Once the stomach senses that it is complete, it sends signals to the brain to cease eating. Water can be really helpful to take up space in the stomach. It leads to a feeling of fullness and diminishing hunger. An individual might also think that they are hungry when they are rather thirsty. You know the point is if you take up a glass of water before you reach for something to eat, it can help to curb needless snacking.

In a research recently, overweight females drank 500 millilitres (mL) of water thirty minutes before they took breakfast, lunch, and dinner, apart from their regular water consumption, for eight successive weeks. In that research, the participants experienced a drop in body fat, body weight, and body mass index. They even reported appetite suppression. So, don’t you think if you take a good amount of water in a day you would supress your unnecessary food cravings and snacking?

Water Increases Calorie Burning

Some research showcase that drinking water can help to burn the calories. You know in a study, 12 people who in took five hundred mL of cold water and room temperature water experienced enhance in energy expenditure. They burned between two and three percent more calories than general in the ninety minutes after drinking the water. Water could also temporarily enhance the resting energy expenditure of the body, or the number of calories burned at the time of resting. And you know if you drink cold water, it may further improve the calorie-burning benefits of water, because the body spends energy, or calories, by heating up the water for proper digestion.

Water Helps To Eradicate Waste From The Body

Once the body is dehydrated, it cannot rightly remove waste as feces or urine. Water helps the kidneys to filter toxins and waste when the organ retains necessary nutrients and electrolytes. Once the body is dehydrated, the kidneys hold fluid. Dehydration can even result in hard or lump-filled stools and constipation. Water keeps waste moving by loosening or softening hardened stools. Water is even helpful for the body to recover from digestive issues such as diarrhoea and heart-burn.  Moreover you know once waste builds up in the body, fellows may feel swollen, bloated, and even tired. Bloating can add inches to the waist. The point is that if you stay hydrated, it would be a great way to avoid retaining waste. It may add a couple of extra pounds.

Diminish Overall Liquid Calorie Intake

It is convenient to gather liquid calories by drinking juice, soda, or sweetened coffee or even tea.  Most of the people also ignore how many calories they intake in sports drinks or that of alcoholic beverages.  You know if you replace even a few high-calorie drinks each day for water or other types of no-calorie beverages, such as herbal tea, can have long-term weight loss advantages.

Water Is Essential To Burn Weight

In the absence of water, the body cannot metabolize stored fat or carbohydrates in a proper manner. The procedure of metabolizing fat is known as lipolysis. The foremost step of this process is hydrolysis. It is something that takes place when water molecules interact with triglycerides   to form glycerol and greasy acids. Drinking sufficient water is important for burning off fat from drink and food, as well as that of stored fat. A study found that enhanced water intake headed to enhanced lipolysis and a drop of fat in animal studies.

Water Is Helpful For Workouts

Yes, it is absolutely true. Water is extremely helpful for workouts. You know one of the most vital components of any weight loss plan is proper exercise. You would agree that water helps muscles, joints and connective tissues, to move in a corrective manner. It also helps the heart, lungs, and other organs to work in an effective manner as they ramp up activity during the time of exercise. If you are hydrated, it reduces the danger of things that can get in the way of a proper workout, like that of muscle cramps and fatigue. It is important that you always drink water before, during, and even after exercise to evade dehydration. To keep water close at hand is important, mainly if exercising in humid, hot or extremely sunny conditions.

How Much Water Do You Require To Drink?

There is no proper standard recommendation for how much water to consume. Some individuals require more or less water. It depends on a diversity of factors, including:

  • age
  • humidity
  • body size
  • activity level
  • health status
  • temperature
  • sun exposure

Most health authorities do suggest ranges for regular water intake.   You have to give specific attention to your water intake if you want your health to be proper and your body fit. To drink at least one 8-ounce glass of water with every single meal is important. Of course, if you are petite, huge or have a specific type of body type; you have to take water accordingly.


So, go ahead and get a water filter installed in your space so that you consume only the clean and safe water for your weight loss.  If you think these filters are annoying you can do Kent ro complaint and resolve the issue. The bottom line is that you have to intake a lot of water for proper health.

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