Do Electric Fireplaces Places and What Are Their Benefits?

There are many new and different types of fireplaces that have hit the market recently, and all new house builds are incorporating them into theirs. The simple answer to whether there is an option for an electric one is – yes there is. If you didn’t already know about these, keep reading to find out more about these genius inventions.

As far as great alternatives go for keeping your house efficiently warm during peak winter seasons, a fireplace is one of the best options you can install and get the most benefits out of it. As history has shown us, they were first used for cooking, heating water and domestic uses, here is some information on their background. What were once traditional gas or wood fireplaces, have not been swapped out for a cleaner option of the electric kind.

These are highly sought after because of a few reasons which we will look at later in this article, however to give you an idea some of these include:

  • They require the least amount of maintenance
  • There is no need to chop wood every time your supply runs out
  • They are not an expensive alternative
  • They do not require you to clean your chimneys regularly
  • They are safe to use

 These affordable types of fireplaces can be installed without any permits as long as it is done by a professional, fully-licensed service. So how do they work?

How Electric Fireplaces Work

What looks like real fire, with these, is not. They basically project an image of logs on fire via an LED projection light and imitate a natural burning action. They come in various patterns and images so you can choose from the selection to best fit your modern space.

Placement of these units is typically done inside a wall or conventional fireplace, or outside a wall with no existing crevice. Once it is installed, it is as easy as plugging it into the wall and turning it on via a switch, and the majority of them come with remote controls that you can operate from any part of the room.

If you choose the setting for a flame, it will turn on the heating and project the image of the flame. Different models come with different types of LED lights, as well as colors, and measurements or depths, in this case. As a type of heater, they are a cost-effective solution to most homes.

The average design consumes anywhere between 1.4-1.6 kW and it can warm up a room about the size of 37 m2 (400 sq. ft.), but certain stores have larger ones for bigger rooms which can heat up to 1000 sq. ft. 

In a nut shell, these do not operate on a flame but via built-in heater.

Reasons to Invest in an Electric Fireplace

To elaborate on our reasons above, the below information will give you a better idea of why, investing in these is a good idea especially for homeowners who are looking to upgrade and modernize their old homes, or those who are in the midst of building themselves a new home.

Cost-Effective Option

In comparison to many other types on the market, these are most cost-effective and the have no additional or hidden expenses to them in the long-run, plus they can run all year round.

It Keeps the Air Clean

Not only does it not burn real wood or coal, but because of this it keeps the air in the home clean. There are many who cannot stand the smoke or smell that comes out of burning coal or logs, let alone people who suffer from many respiratory conditions such as asthma or allergies: Traditional wood burning places tend to exacerbate these conditions, but with this, the air is clean and breathable.

They are easy To Install

Because they are easy to install, there is no mess or hassles to cut out a hole in the wall or add any extras to the mix. They are installed as a whole unit and look superb in your living room or even your bedroom neatly tucked inside or outside the wall space. Its basically a plug-and-play system.

Supplement Heating

They provide supplement heating which is 99% efficient and as such there is no loss or waste of energy. It heats up specific zones in the home which means you will not be paying high electricity bills for wastage heating that you don’t use. Plus, they can be installed in any room.

There is No Mess Associated with Them

Traditional fireplaces usually have a lot of mess associated with them, from the wood logs to the burnt ashes once the fire dies down. When searching for one you can simply look for them under the best electric fireplace online and find retailers and online stores that sell them. With these there is no such thing, so it keeps things clean and would generally need a quick wipe down of the LED lights or projection screen.

It is Safe for Pets Too

Not only are they safe for children but also for your pets. They do not heat up once they start heating a room, which means when you touch the screen, it will not get hot and burn you.

With all of these exceptional benefits its no wonder everyone is running to the stores to get themselves one!

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