Essential Oils Effective for Weight Loss

Thousands of years ago, people have used essential oils, from minor aches to major illnesses, and they are still popular even today. Researchers aim to know their efficacies, and although there’s still limited information out there, many people have anecdotal stories about the wonderful effects of cardamoms and lavender scents on their overall wellbeing.

The oil extracts came from fragrant plants, and they are usually extracted in their rawest and purest forms. Due to this, they are almost always present in traditional forms of medicine where herbs are often present. For many, the scents don’t only provide a relaxing and calm atmosphere, but they also believe that the oils have ingredients that can help them win their weight loss journey.

If you’re trying to lose the extra pounds and already into diet and exercise, you may also want to try essential oils. You can know more information about this when you read MOXE blog and get the ones that will suit you best. Meanwhile, some of the complementary benefits that you should look forward to including the following.

Benefits that You Can Gain with Essential Oils

  1. Give you More Energy During Exercises and Work-out Routines
  2. Curve your Food Cravings
  3. They Enhance your Exercise Plans and Diet in Many Ways

Although you shouldn’t expect the aromatic fragrances to have a direct impact on your weight loss goals, you may want to know that they can help you in many ways. After a rigorous workout, you may need to sleep better so that you can face the next day with vigor. Fortunately, you can rely on scents of lavender to promote relaxation, and deeper sleep at night so that you can have a productive day that you’re looking forward to.

If you are in the mood to exercise and you’re pretty energized for the day, you can lessen your cravings for sweet and sugary foods. Read more about decreasing your sugary food cravings on this page here. This can help you get into shape faster and prevent that sugar rush that people usually refer to after doing heavy work. Many scents are there to help you with these conditions

  • You can reduce your feelings of anxiousness or depression
  • Decrease the tension in your body
  • Have plenty of improvements on pains and aches that you may be feeling after exercise
  • Improve your GI tract and overall digestion

The idea behind the essential oils helping you lose weight is that you need to be physically and mentally well to push through with the fat loss program you’re in. In a more direct manner, you can correct your cellulite, become energized with your exercises, curb cravings with food, and many more.

What the Research Tells

Although there’s still a need for in-depth research about the effects of essential oils on the body, it’s essential to know more about their risks and benefits. Few studies have gained significant findings of the essential oils helping in weight loss and management. Some of the effective ones are the following:


A study about juniper has found out that the chemical compounds found in the plant are rich in antioxidants, and it promotes anti-obesity. Its woody, mild, and clean scent can penetrate the scenes, and it can even purify the air. The grounding and calming effect helps one relax better afterwards as it can serve as a detoxifying agent. 

Clary Sage

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Clary sage is a plant that’s native to the Mediterranean. This is usually extracted from the buds and leaves and provides a refreshing and clean aroma. This grows in many areas where high temperatures are common. Read more about clary sage here:

With the medicinal effects, sage is known to prevent obesity as well as oxidative stress. Getting rid of stress is important in people who have a weakened immune system and are more likely to experience obesity.


Lemon polyphenols reduce fats in the body, and this is evident in lemon water. The citrus plants were already well-known for their potential to curb cravings, and they also have antimicrobial properties. You may want to add citrus oils into your collection and notice that your cholesterol and fats can melt away in no time. The limonene resulted in the dropping of cholesterol and triglyceride levels for weight loss.

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