FAQ’s are the ones asked frequently by our customers and merchants. Here we have created a list of all our frequently asked questions for our merchant’s easy reference. Even you have any question, feel free to visit our FAQ’s. You may find a solution to your problem.


  • Does Costumes Hype cost me anything?


Costumes Hype is a completely free website—we don’t charge you a penny when you search our site, or join our mailing list.


  • Does Costumes Hype share my information when I visit the page or add an extension?


We value our users’ privacy and trust above all else. That’s why we never rent, sell, or share personal information about our customers with other people or non-affiliated companies, but the info we take in to provide products or services you’ve requested when we have your permission. If at any time you would like to opt-out of our communications, please contact support@costumeshype.com. See our Privacy Policy.


  • How long will it take to publish brand content?


Costumes Hype values your time. Hence, content will take approximately 2 days to be written, checked and publish on our website.


  • I see Kent Alexander as the only content contributor on your website. Where are the remaining authors that are listed in the “Our Team” section?


Our team works in a systematic form. One department we have here helps us in researching the data. The other department writes the collective data into articles. And then we have a department that rechecks and finalizes our content before airing it. And at last, Alexander published them on our website. It is how we work all together.


  • What is the benefit does Costumes Hypes get from promoting brands?


Costumes Hype tries its best to promote the brand and to meet the company’s expectations. In return we take commission on a CPA basis strategy.


  • What type of company Costumes Hype is?


Costumes Hype is a public based website which can be visited by anyone. Costumes Hype promotes brands and their deals on this website. Costume Hypes is NOT responsible for any claim or liability.


  • What else Costumes Hype can offer in order to promote a brand?


Costumes Hype also offers to create a website for a brand in which a brand can see its deals and content about the products specifically.


  • Can I contact Costumes Hype customer service about publishing brand content?


Yes, it’s simple! You can reach us out through our support@costumeshype.com, if you want to collaborate with us.


  • How can my company’s discounts and deals appear on Costumes Hype?


Costumes Hype writes articles about the brand. In which we mention discounts and deals if the brand is offering any. The article can be shown on our main page of Costumes Hype within next 2 days after the commitment.


  • How do I contact Costumes Hype?


If you do not find an answer to your query here on the FAQ page and require further assistance, please visit our Contact Us page for more info about how to reach Costumes Hype.