Getting Necessary Dental Care With Precautions During Pandemic

COVID 19 is a very challenging novel around the world. There was no way even to predict that this pandemic will strike across the globe. And due to safety protocols, dentistry was forced to close the doors temporarily. During this closure, many of us wondered if things would get back to normal for the majority to access appropriate dental care. 

Even now, when oral surgeries are resumed, people are still worried about visiting their dentists to care for their teeth. But then the good news is that you can visit your dentist during this pandemic without fear. Dental clinics have taken necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid19 in their dental practice.

When to See Dentist

Whenever you notice swollen or bleeding gums, painful chewing, and other oral health problems, you must make an appointment with the dentist. You may be doing flossing and daily brushing to promote oral health; however, having a dentist’s checkup can help you get appropriate dental care.

And this ensures a lifetime of happiness and excellent oral health. Or even if the lockdown had halted your schedule for teeth extraction, and other teeth procedures, you mustn’t be scared to venture out. Dentists have resumed the work with necessary precautions and protective gear. So if you need general, advanced, or cosmetic dentistry, you can get a reliable dental surgery in Singapore where it’s not crowded.

Extra Precautions From the Dentists

Although people think that dentists are in danger of getting Covid19, they have taken strong measures to prevent this disease. Since this disease spread through respiratory droplets, some dental procedures have taken standard options to aerosolized the virus. They created a spray that contains a mixture of water, saliva, and debris. 

So when the virus gets aerosolized, it is trapped into the air. And the droplets don’t fall on the floor and even on any surfaces. And the dental clinics now have injected the use of proper ventilation systems that promote air circulation. For the aerosolizing process to be more successful, in some clinics, they have opted for portable air filters that help the air to turn so faster and reduce the amount of particle count.

Things to expect before the dentist attends you

According to health enforcement over this disease, they have advised all health care centers to pre-screen the patients over the phone before receiving any care. The questions you may expect is about your symptoms and if you have been in contact with someone with Covid19-positive in the past two weeks. 

When arriving at the dental clinic, you will be asked the same question again and checked at your temperature. It sounds like a courtroom while you’re in pain; however, the dentist cares about our lives and are working hard to improve our oral health. Furthermore, the face mask is required, and social distancing is practiced to prevent the spread of the disease.

During the examination

If you’re a regular patient, you’ll notice some changes in the exam room. Dentists will be using both hand tools and ultrasonic kits. However, the use of ultrasonic tools will be limited if the center has implemented an aerosolizing process. Although the hands tools are not faster than ultrasonic, they are proved to be more effective during this time.

Overall, considering all these precautions, it is safe for everyone to get dental care during this pandemic. The screening prior to the appointment and during the examination reduces the spread of Covid19. All you can do is to avoid touching surfaces and practice all the measures to be safe.

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