How to Pass A Hair Drug Test

If you’re looking for a way to detox from marijuana, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re going to help you learn how to pass a hair drug test— the fastest-growing technique used by employers to detect illicit drug use. Basically, a sample of hair is removed from the head, which is then tested in a hospital or lab to check if a specific drug was used by the individual being tested. 

How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your Hair?

How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your Hair?

If you’re wondering how long does marijuana last in hair, you need to read the science behind it. Hair follicles tend to grow at a rate of nearly 1/2″ per month. Therefore, if you had, let’s say 12” long hair, and the far ends of your strands were meticulously tested, you could detect drugs used more than 2 years ago.

As a matter of fact, hair follicle drug tests go back longer, as opposed to urine drug tests. 

When you use drugs, it reaches your hair follicles, and then ultimately into the strands where they remain for as long as there’s hair on your scalp.

With all that said, here are two essential methods on how to pass a hair drug test more efficiently. 

The Macujo Method

Although expensive and time-consuming, the Macujo method is worth it. Certain ingredients are going to help you open the hair shaft and rinse the hair of toxins. The components are as follows:

  • Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo
  • Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo
  • Tide Detergent
  • White Vinegar
  • Any shampoo with salicylic acid

You can find such ingredients pretty everywhere in the market, but using them appropriately is somewhat challenging and requires your full attention. You’ll have to use the method and keep washing your hair multiple times a day. Here’s how to approach the Macujo Method effectively.

  • Clean your hair with relatively warm water; thoroughly apply vinegar onto your scalp and hair; make sure the vinegar doesn’t reach your eyes.
  • Next, apply a shampoo containing salicylic acid on your hair with the vinegar still present. Chances are it will give you a burning sensation. Make sure to keep your hair in this way for at least 30 minutes.
  • Thoroughly wash your hair with warm water.
  • Use the Aloe Rid Shampoo to wash your hair twice.
  • Put Tide detergent into the hair to make it cleaner.
  • Before heading for the test, rinse your hair with Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo to provide the final touch of THC cleanse.

Home Remedies

Home Remedies

Take up an easy home test to make sure your results come out negative. Hair drug tests at home are also best suited for parents who want to ensure their kids are free of drugs. It’s better to be tested and analyzed twice than being caught.

You can find a number of home testing kits available on the Internet to aid this purpose. Although you’ll find an instruction manual with the product, below are some crucial steps that should be followed for home drug testing.

  • Go through your instruction manual.
  • Collect the hair sample as recommended by the product manufacturer.
  • Take a foil and wrap the cut-off hair in it.
  • Put the foil inside an envelope.
  • Mail it to the lab for further testing purposes.
  • Finally, you can either access the results online or collect them by calling the provided toll-free number.

Pro tip: Seek out forum posts and reviews before purchasing a certain hair treatment product. Choose a product that offers a money-return guarantee. Although it seems obvious, it bears mentioning. 

Our Verdict

When it comes to hair drug testing, there’s not much you can do to cheat it, compared to abstaining from marijuana for 3 months prior.

The good news is, every individual is different, and therefore, hair follicle testing is not always 100 % accurate.  While styling products and shampoos aren’t considered affecting test results, how much a person sweats, the amount of drug use, skin pigmentation, and hair bleach might affect drug concentrations.

This means since it’s likely for marijuana to be detected in the hair follicle of non-users merely because they were in contact with the marijuana plant or perhaps with a heavy smoker, we cannot wholeheartedly depend on these test results. 

Hopefully, this will lead to either a reduction in hair tests or a complete elimination of the method. However, if not, you can always choose to deny any consumption of marijuana, and technically speaking, they cannot prove otherwise.

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