How To Make Your Weekend Festivals More Enjoyable

The music festival is meant to be enjoyed, not keep you on your toes. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make the weekend as enjoyable as possible. 

1. Wear Light

With a bliss of heatwave forecasted for the next few months, you need to ensure your clothes are as comfortable as possible in the weather. Although you might need a sweater for the cold nights, pack light clothes and, more importantly, bring bin liners to use as socks. These will help keep you dry should there be light showers. Bin liners can also double up as ponchos, thus worthy bringing for the weekend. 

2. Ensure Your Drinks Are Cool

No one can pass a cold beer on a hot day. With no fridge to help keep your drinks cool, you’ll need to get creative. A pack of emergency foil blankets and a plastic wash basin always work. You only need to fill the plastic basin with tap water, throw your drinks and beer cans in, then cover it with a foil blanket. The blanket will help keep the drinks from getting warm – leaving you with an unlimited supply of cold beers. 

3. Make Sure Your Tent Is Cool

The heatwave can quickly turn your otherwise comfortable tent into an oven. Unless you don’t care about waking up hungover and baked, you need to find a way to keep the tent cool. Luckily, all you need is a few extra foil blankets covering the tent. The foil blankets help keep the tent cool while reflecting off much of the heat from the heatwave. 

4. Decorate Your Camp

With thousands of campers attending the festivals, it would be advisable to make your camp stand out from the rest. You don’t necessarily need anything fancy to stand out; a giant flag, bunting, or fairy lights will do the trick. It will also make it easier to find your tent among the thousand’s others. 

5. Get Your Shewees Ready 

Commonly known as Travel Johns, shewees will make your stay much more comfortable, especially when you have to go to the loos in the middle of the night or the toilets are too far away. Travel Johns mainly consists of a sealable clear plastic bag with chemical crystals inside meant to solidify your urine within a matter of minutes. With the bag sealable and crystals, there’s a very low risk of your camp/tent wreaking of urine after that. You can even keep the used shewees inside your tent until they can be disposed off properly. 

6. Get A Pair of Head Torches 

Finding your way around thousands of tents at night can be tricky, especially if you are a first-timer. However, a head torch can help reduce the risk of tripping on tent ropes and rocks, and other misplaced items in the campsite. While one head torch might be enough, bring two to use just if you have to stay longer or lose one. For a fun way to light your way using an LED necklace brighter, longer lasting, select your favorite LED necklace.

7. Bring Your Travel Shower 

There is a good chance you won’t be taking the long showers at the campsite. Queues at the showers might be unbearable too. Instead of depending on showers on-site, why not bring yours along. We are talking a dry shower gel or wet napkins. These will help keep you fresh from stinking sweat and act as an antibacterial hand wash. 

8. Bring Some Ear Plugs 

While the main stage can be loud, your neighbors at the campsite can be noisy too. The only way you’d be able to get a shut-eye is if you have earplugs with you. Remember to pack these first things – it’s the only way to keep the noise out. 

9. Plan for The Cold Nights 

Nights can get particularly cold despite the blazing heat during the day. That said, you’ll need something to keep you warm at night. A wooly hat, thick hoody, and a pair of gloves almost always do the trick. 

10. Keep Your Hair Looking Festival Fresh 

You don’t want your hair getting all messy on the first day of the festivals. There are, however, three ways to keep your hair looking fresh throughout the weekend. These are: 

a. Braiding: French braids will keep them at bay 

b. Dry shampoo: it is every lazy girl’s solution 

c. Saltwater spray: Helps keep curls looking fresh.  

Follow these tips to make your festival weekends as memorable and fun as possible

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