How To Sleep Better With Lower Back Pain

Chronic pain can range from inconvenient to debilitating, and though individual control over these issues may vary, there are certain ways to ensure it’s interference impacts us as minimally as possible. 

Lower back pain can especially impact those trying to establish healthy sleep cycles and has been shown to be the leading cause of disability in the US. Since lower back pain problems are usually the result of poor posture or strained movement, there are several concrete strategies with which they can be combatted and deal with appropriately. 

By investing in the most comfortable mattress for your spine, being more conscientious about your sleeping positions, and giving yourself space and time to rest well, you’ll be able to manage both your sleep and pain better. Here are some tips when it comes to sleeping with lower back pain: 

Using Extra Pillows for Support

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Finding the right position to sleep can be a lot more of a challenge when you’re struggling with lower back pain. Part of finding something that can work involves finding the right pillow for the job.

Memory foam pillows work great for any kind of sleeper since they provide adjustable comfort and cooling; from every angle. Here are some of the most common sleep positions, and how they can be helped with the right memory foam mattress:

  • Sleeping on your side with the help of a pillow: if lying flat on your back feels too uncomfy, then using a memory foam pillow to relieve some of the pressure between your legs.
  • Sleeping on your side in the fetal position: the fetal position, which involves being curled up on your side, can also be a positive sleep position for those who struggle with lower back pain looking for how to sleep better. 
  • Sleeping on your stomach with the help of a pillow: Using a memory foam pillow under your abdomen if you prefer sleeping on your stomach can really aid a lack of sleep while keeping you safe and comfortable. You might also wish to use your memory foam pillow under your knees to put less strain on your pressure points, and distribute your weight more evenly across the body. 

As simple as they may seem, memory foam pillows can make a world of difference to the quality of your sleep and help with figuring out how to sleep better. Look out for pillows that allow you to adjust stuffing so that you’re achieving your ideal amount of comfort. 

Investing in the Best Mattress for Your Back

While getting memory foam pillows can be a small way to make a difference when it comes to combatting a lack of sleep, investing in the best mattress possible for your back is a much more significant way to make an impact. 

When it comes to finding the best mattress you can for your back, memory foam mattresses tend to be the popular choice. This is because memory foam mattresses can mold to the contours of the body, ensuring every position is supported sufficiently.  

Memory foam mattresses also relieve pressure points in the body, meaning no matter how you twist and turn through the night, you’ll avoid doing further damage to your back. They’re also ideal for those who struggle with a lack of sleep just generally, due to the fact memory foam mattresses can provide comfort and have motion isolating capabilities that keep you from being disturbed through the night. 

Other Sleep Accessories that can Help with a Lack of Sleep

If you’re convinced you already have the best mattress for your back, there’s one more sleep accessory that can help fight back against a lack of sleep. An adjustable bed frame can make a significant difference to those suffering from a lack of sleep due to lower back pain.

Adjustable bed frames work by work by allowing to adjust your leg and head heights and setting your custom sleep position in a way that maximizes your comfort and relieves your pressure points. Depending on what you invest in, your adjustable bed frame may also have additional features, such as massage zones, that can lull the body into a sense of security and comfort and help you arrive at sleep much quicker. 

How to Sleep Better when you’re Facing Pain Through the Night

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After you’ve invested in the best mattress you can for your back, and you’ve figured out a sleeping position that best combats your lack of sleep, you’re still going to come up against the reality of your pain. Developing a nightly routine that focuses on minimizing discomfort, and keeping you calm and focused on a good night’s rest. 

Even the best mattress can be improved by a few calming practices right before bedtime. This can include listening to calming music in the lead up to your rest, lighting up scented candles before bedtime, or taking a hot shower right before you know you’re about to sleep. The best mattresses can really make a difference in learning how to sleep better. 

Whether you’re using a memory foam pillow, a brand new memory foam mattress, or an adjustable bed frame that helps prime you to be in the right position of comfort, there’s also a psychological element to getting a good night’s sleep. Ensuring your mind isn’t too focused on how to sleep better, but rather trying to ease yourself into a calm and restful sleep is important. 

Avoid putting an overt amount of pressure on yourself when you’re trying to fight your lack of sleep. Learning how to sleep better comes with time and practice, but in the meantime, you can feel good about investing in the right tools for the job – this includes the best mattress you can find, the right adjustable bed frame, and if necessary, a memory foam pillow that allows you to get that much more comfortable. You’ll be resting easy and minimizing your pain in ways you wouldn’t have been able to imagine possible. 

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