How to Wear Sneakers? 5 Tips to Remember

When you think about the most casual and comfortable footwear then the first option that might pop up in your mind is “Sneakers”. These are some of the most casual, and stylish pairs of shoes for both men and women. Sneakers come in different designs, colors, shapes, and prices. No matter what age you are, sneakers always look good on humans of all ages. Every wardrobe must have 1-2 pairs of sneakers, if your wardrobe is missing them, then wait no more and buy some good quality sneakers from Vlone Offer

Vlone shoes have a pretty good variety of sneakers for both men and women both. Their prices are just too affordable and you can get the most durable pair of sneakers at an average price. 

Sneakers can be worn easily on different casual and semi-formal occasions. If you are working at some creative workplace then wearing sneakers in your office is not a bad idea. 

Below is a brief guide to style sneakers and things to remember while wearing them. 

So let’s have a look. 

Buy Right Size

Before buying sneakers or any other casual shoes, always make sure what exactly your foot size is. Take an inch of tape and take proper toe to ankle measurements. Now match them with the size charts and buy the right size of sneakers. 

Sneakers should be of perfect size, oversized or tight shoes will not only irritate you, but they can make you awkward in public places too. Remember that you should always give breathing space to your feet. 

Wear Them to Work

If you are wearing any creative environment like restaurants, hotels, creative agencies, media industry, or advertising firms, then wearing sneakers to your workplace is a nice idea. You can mix and match them with any clothing item to create a perfect casual look. Sneakers are available in many different colors. For people who love to step out of the box, give it a try to popping color sneakers at your workplace like yellow, red, blue, and pink. 

At the workplace, you can easily pair up sneakers with pants, denim jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets. 

Keep Them Neat And Clean

Style always comes with neatness. No matter how expensive sneakers you are wearing, if they are not cleaned properly, your style game will be ruined. Especially talking about white and grey sneakers, keeping them neat and clean is a tough task. White shoes catch dirt easily and it is difficult to remove the dust strains from the surface. For doing so, buy white shoe polish. Clean your shoes every day with a wet cloth and then polish them. Keep them in the air so they get dried properly. Repeat this process thrice, or twice a week. 

Have Fun With Them

Sneakers are not supposed to be boring. That’s why I always recommend playing around with them. If you are buying sneakers for casual occasions then you must try some unique ones. Like pattern sneakers, multi-color sneakers, tie, and dye sneakers. You can find a variety of them at Vlone Official. So explore this online shoe brand and do something exciting. 

Also, it’s fun to wear funky socks with sneakers, you can wear popping color socks, or wear with some images on them. 

Wear them throughout the year: 

Sneakers are all-rounders. You don’t have to wear them in winter or autumn only. But you can rock sneakers throughout the season. It is one of the best shoe types for both men and women, to wear on different occasions. In summers they keep your feet comfortable and protect them from harmful rays (prevent tanning). You can wear them to picnics and beach parties. Autumn is the season of family gatherings, so a pair of sneakers is just perfect for a family lunch. Winners are meant to be cozier and comfy, so what’s comfier than a pair of sneakers? Springs spread colors all around, and a colorful pair of sneakers is not a bad choice for spring.


So here are the tips and style ideas to wear sneakers. Do you love wearing sneakers every day? Then upgrade your sneaker collection right away and buy some unique and comfortable Vlone shoes right away. 

How do you style your sneakers? Share your style ideas with us in the comment section below.

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