Deal With the Intense Heartaches of Missing Someone

Nostalgia can be a potent addiction and the primary reason why most people miss someone. The person you are missing can be someone who passed on recently, a lost friendship or a partner you’ve recently broken up with. Whenever you remember that person, your mind gets flooded by fond memories of time spent with that person.

It is indicative of the fact that if you want to stop missing someone, the first step to stop being nostalgic about the good times you had together. Although it is easier said than done, choosing an alternating perspective to look at the past might be the key to stop missing someone. If you feel that you cannot accomplish that alone, you can get outside help. You can talk to a friend, family member, therapist, or a psychic in times like this.

Getting Psychic Help

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Many people believe in seeing a psychic rather than a therapist when they want to stop missing someone because they get better solutions. Gifted psychics believe that when you are missing someone physically present, you are directing your energies towards that person, which makes them realize that you miss them. Since you love or care for that person deeply, they can feel your energy around them intensely.

This theory is based on the principles of telepathy. Have you ever thought of someone and received a text from them? Psychics say that it happens because of telepathy. It is unclear who sent the energies in this case, whether it is you or your friend who sent the text. But there was an exchange of energies which resulted in you missing your friend and he or she texting you at the same time.

Focus on the Present

It is quite natural to miss someone you cared for or loved. Even though it helps to share what you feel when you think about that person or the fond memories of you together, the listener must guide you to focus on your present. It can be tough to muster the courage and conviction to move on, no matter how long the person has been absent in your life.

Focusing on the present might be difficult when you are missing someone deeply. That’s why it is healthy to seek help so that you can get an outside perspective and insight. An ideal person would be a good listener, nonjudgmental, and gifted at counseling. Such people can provide the right direction to help you focus on your present and sort out your priorities.

Help Yourself

Sadly it is impossible to drive this feeling away magically. But there are some ways to cope up with the way you are feeling. There’s no doubt that the feelings won’t vanish into thin air overnight. It is all in your head, not merely as your thoughts, but they have a biochemical presence as well. These biochemicals take time to go out of your system, but you can feel the gradual decrease in their presence. You will think less and less of that person over time until you don’t think about them at all. The length of time varies from person to person.

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Accepting pain is a difficult but necessary task. It is vital to stay strong and focus on yourself during the transition of your thoughts. But at times you need to give in to the pain to lessen it. Cry if you feel like crying, but try to control it after some time. You might need help to guide your feelings better, but ultimately it is your job to understand them.

Try to focus on the happy parts of your life. It is difficult to see the happy parts past the pain, but that is why you need external help and guidance. There might be things you wanted to do but could not get to them because of that person. Try to accomplish them with your new-found freedom (obviously, we are talking about an ex). Go for a vacation with your friends, take a training course, or take dancing classes. Concentrate on whatever you love to do. Keeping yourself busy will give you less time to think about the person. You will also increase the presence of endorphins in your body which will help you recover

It is debatable whether it wise to get rid of the memories, like your pictures or the gifts. But even if you don’t want to get rid of them completely, you need to put them away for the time being. You can also start a journal and pen down your thoughts every day. It is also important to socialize. Don’t keep yourself under house arrest. Meeting your friends and family will give you the much needed emotional support.

When you realize that you have stopped thinking about them, don’t let the feeling of guilt take over. It is necessary to move on from feeling anything about that person. Who knows? You might meet someone who will sway you off your feet.

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