Interesting Ideas for Your Christmas Photo Card

When designing a Mixbook Christmas photo card, there are a few ways to make it memorable. Capturing the perfect moment is not enough to make your Christmas card memorable. The following are a few interesting ideas to consider.

1. Pajama Party

Consider taking photos of your family in matching pajamas next to a Christmas tree or doing your favorite Christmas activity. Whatever activity you choose, ensure that it captures the joy of your family.

2. Adopt a No-Human Approach

Your furry family members would make a great picture for your Christmas card. If you have been using photos of yourself over the past years, they may be a pleasant surprise.

3. Use Props

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Using props may help you capture the Christmas spirit. Consider using a little Christmas tree with cute words on your card. This option would be great if you plan on having a small card. Other interesting props include a little hat or some snowflakes. Use unique props if you want to truly stand out.

4. Action Shots

One of the most effective ways to make your photoshoots interesting is including some fun activities. Kids have a hard time remaining still but including their favorite activities in your photoshoot keeps them interested. Consider taking photos of them playing in the snow or decorating cookies.

5. Romantic Pictures and Christmas Lights

If you are a new family, a romantic and festive photo may be great for your first Christmas card. Take a cute photo of you and your partner with Christmas lights or other creative props. Romantic pictures are great for older couples as well. Get your favorite romantic photo and decorate it as you please.

6. Recreating Old Photos

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Recreating an old photo can be fun. Trying to recreate an old photo of your family reminds you and your loved ones how far you’ve come. It could make your Christmas card memorable.

7. Focus on the Baby

If you have a baby that has never been in your Christmas cards, consider using their photo as the center of your card. The idea is cute and it is a creative way to introduce them to your friends.

8. Keep It Simple

The idea of getting your entire family together long enough to get the perfect shot can be daunting. You don’t need to stress the need to get creative. The simplest Christmas card can stand out. Focus on just one item and try to leave as much white space as possible. Avoid dramatic themes and backdrops.

9. Include a Joke

If your family likes to play around, consider including a joke or two on your Christmas card. However, you should avoid rude, offensive, or inappropriate jokes. Do not fill your card with jokes. Instead, focus on just one or two. Even though humor is subjective, your family and friends are likely to understand your jokes.

There are plenty of ways to ensure that people remember your Christmas cards for a long time. Pick an idea that works and stick with it.

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