Juvenile Vaping – The Main Facts for Adults

Adults vs. Adolescents in Vaping

Nowadays, vaping is in a precarious position. On the one hand, it is trendy; the industry is developing at a breathtaking pace; people experiment with the substances, vape pen configurations, etc. On the other hand, scientists have already explored the harmful properties of the process; the authorities all around the world try to make their citizens avoid the risks; some countries ban vaping.

The situation is unusual when we take into account teen vaping. Whereas adults are (mostly) mature personalities, they can critically analyze the situation and make choices on their own. Adolescents tend to chase after fashion, trends, and social opinions. Therefore, the adults can consciously refuse the harmful practice, when teens, being in this rebellious age, prefer to stand out of the pack using vaping.

For sure, some young people understand the responsibility for their health and never even try using pod vapes (find out more here), which are so trendy nowadays. Unfortunately, most of them just follow the leader in their social group. Preventing a teen from making wrong choices is the parent’s task. Prevention is better than cure. Have a friendly talk with your son or daughter about the possible outcomes.

Peculiarities of Teen Vaping World

juvenile vaping

The difference between thinking of teens and adults as well as between the ways they perceive this world plays a key role in understanding the motives of increasing rates of juvenile vaping. It is true that vaping has been on the market for about twenty years already. Teenagers continue to adore it.

Various statistical data show that vaping devices are the most frequently used tobacco devices now. The wide range of the models (mod vape, refillable pod vape, e nail) helps to please the needs of all kinds of people. About adolescents, it is more reasonable to talk about juuling.

JUUL is a manufacturer of the best pod vapes (in some opinion). No matter if they are the best or not, teens tend to use them the most. Their popularity is reasoned by a great number of fun flavors, various trendy designs, and extreme addictiveness caused by high levels of nicotine delivered to the vaper.

The greater part of the e-cigs market now belongs to JUUL. Their sales post record gains. The company started its activity in 2017, not a long time ago, but its modernity, successful marketing, and perfect modern style brought it to the top of the vaping world. According to their slogan, JUUL was designed with adult smokers in mind.

The Powerlessness of the Authorities

After the numerous proofs of harmful effects of both the cheapest cig-a-like and the best pod system vape, the government tries to limit the use of vapes among minors. However, it does not work effectively. Though the FDA stated that illegal sales of nicotine-containing products to those, who are underage, would be cracked down, we all understand that more comfortable say than do.

It is difficult to wipe our kid-friendly marketing, illegal online shops that work for delivery only, and manipulation in advertising campaigns. Obviously, an adolescent can ask a friend who is of legal age to buy him or her the best pod system he can afford. It cannot be tracked unless a teen would be caught vaping, but even then, it is almost impossible to follow the seller.

The other advantage of teenagers over teachers, parents, and FDA experts is that they are open to new thoughts and learn to use modern devices quicker than adults do. They cope with the best pod mods in a second and manage to convince their parents that the practice is safe enough. Because of a lack of knowledge, it might be difficult for a parent to confront.

The Basic Concerns of a Conscious Parent

Because the first e-cigs were developed in order to help people to give up smoking, there still exists an opinion that pod vapes are entirely safe for your health. Teenagers can try to convince parents that as there is no process of burning, no tars are produced. They might also use nicotine-free e liquids (at least at home), which can also make parents think that the situation is ok.

However, the absence of tars does not mean safety. While the process of evaporating, the liquid in pod vapes gets hot. It means that the chemical elements might become toxic. Some of them become cancerogenesis. Also, the hot vapor tends to irritate the respiratory tract harshly. These are not the only negative consequences of vaping. Scientists prove that the situation is worse than with cigs.

Moreover, the studies show that vaping changes your child’s mental picture of the world. A prospective examination of future cigarette smoking among teenagers, who used to smoke or vape, showed that risks of tolerating smoking in the future are much higher than usual for them. The results of the investigation prove that the habits our children have formed their future life.

The Art of Having a Talk

juvenile vaping

Not only from films and TV shows but also from our personal life experience, we know that talking with a child is a complicated task. Sometimes parents avoid discussing ‘difficult’ topics such as sex, alcohol, smoking, and more. They believe that their children are well-bred and will ever make a mistake. Others think that children are taught at schools, they get new information from friends and can always check it on the Internet.

To some extent, they are right. Teens usually try to learn some facts about these topics on the Internet or simply by asking friends. However, such indifference to the quality of your child’s knowledge is odd. Being an adult, it is essential to check the information before you give it to your child. It is also important to choose the appropriate intonation, mood, and moment. Never be too instructive. It can lead to the opposite effect. A friendly approach is the best strategy.

Psychologists recommend starting the conversation generally. You may simply discuss the news from the Internet about vaping and then ask your kid about his or her attitude to this practice. Do not give the third degree. Just imagine you are discussing your future dinner or holiday plans. The more natural you speak, the better the effects the conversation will have. For sure, to have a friendly talk with your child, you need to have a friendly relationship before.


Upbringing a child is not an easy task. You need to work consistently. What is more important, you need to educate yourself first. Being aware of modern trends and careful choice of information can help you to understand the situation better. A friendly relationship with your child and a respectful attitude towards his or her choices can help to elaborate on the difficult topics and keep your child on the safe side. 

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