Know How Your Mattress Messing with Your Health

We devote a lot of our time to mattress, only that we are not quite aware of it. Even so, very few people hold their mattresses in high regard. Furthermore, it is just the place you toss your body for the night and reclaim it back in the morning! The thing with this notion is that most of us remain unaware of him much a mattress contributes to your health. It does not just offer a sleep remedy. A mattress is so much more. If you are still struggling with understanding that, here are several things you need to know how your mattress is messing with your health:

Sleepless Nights

A night of peaceful sleep is highly advantageous to your overall health. Spending about 8 hours of your time sleeping is perhaps the best advice an expert can give you. However, with a poor quality mattress, there is no way you will enjoy a peaceful night. If you are not medically unwell, wouldn’t you want to know why you keep turning and tossing throughout the night when you should be soundly asleep? Well, a lot of it has to do with your mattress. For one, if the mattress is not breathable, then there is a lot of heat trapped between the bed and your body, and there is no way you can catch sleep when you are profusely sweating.

Poor Body Posture

If you report to work for between 6-8 hours every day, then you clearly understand how important proper posture is. When your back is properly supported, then you have an easy time getting work done. When it comes to sleeping, the same notion applies. A bad mattress does not offer adequate support to your body, which means that most of the time, your spine, back, and joints will suffer the pressure. If you check out some of the unhealthy sleeping positions at, you might understand better how much your body will suffer. The most critical area to worry about is the spine, it has a natural curve to it, which is greatly undermined with poor body posture, thanks to your bad choice of mattress.

Allergen Triggers

Do you struggle with sneezing, itching, and perhaps a blocked airway when you sleep? For all you know, it could be your mattress. Mattresses are home to dust mites, not necessarily because of dirt, but because they provide the best environment for dust mites. While it is not unusual to have dust mites in a mattress, if you are allergic to them, you will always have an allergic reaction every time you go to bed. You can fix this by consulting your doctor, and getting an allergen-proof mattress or cover.

Back Pain

Other than poor body posture, there is yet another reason that your mattress can cause back pains. If you pick a mattress that is either too firm or too soft, then you will suffer the same consequences. Your back will not be at ease if the surface you are sleeping on does not have any give. This means that the pressure is still retained on your back, and might, therefore, result in back pains. On the other hand, when it is too soft, then sagging in the middle will ensure that your back bears all the body weight, explaining why you will wake up with a sore back.

Neck Pain

Other than some of the reasons mentioned priory, neck pains can result from a saggy and lumpy mattress. If you choose a poor quality mattress, then it will not take long for the foam inside to disintegrate and start wearing off unevenly. The lumps and sags in different areas will cause a discrepancy between your head and your trunk. In the end, your neck will bear all the weight, causing neck pains.

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