Las Vegas Road Trip – Best Stopovers

Las Vegas is one of the most popular and well-known destinations on the planet. The city is home to some of the most extravagant, popular, glittering and largest hostels in the world. If you are looking for the true thrill of entertainment, then obviously Las Vegas is number one choice! There is everything that you’ve ever wanted as entertainment enthusiast.

Car rental in Las Vegas is an amazing alternative to walks in the city and its surroundings. Plus, some of them have a one-way rental option to rent a car in Las Vegas and leave it in another city and state; This is an extremely basic type of rental for people traveling to this area. If you need the company with the best service check AVR van rental Las Vegas reviews and make yourself that you’re choosing the best one!

So, when you have no worry about transportation let’s look on places that should be in your check-list for a road trip to Las Vegas:

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam, which is an extraordinary achievement of the building, was certainly justified despite a Vegas trek and you can arrive in just 45 minutes. The dam is the most notable solid dam in the Western Hemisphere and culminates at 72 meters high on the river of Colorado. In addition, it was chosen among the 10 greatest achievements in construction. 

Red Rock Canyon

Not exactly 30 minutes from Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon is a regular area of ​​Wonderland. The recreation center, home to many plant and wildlife species (reptiles counting, black foxes and belly), is an exceptional place to capture your passion and appreciate your outdoor interests by climbing, biking and jumping. Before you start Las Vegas, enjoy the great one-way ride (about 13 km) off-road, where you’ll enjoy the breathtaking view of the driver’s seat.

Bonnie Range Springs 

The Bonnie Springs Ranch, located in the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area, is a great trip for the whole family. The farm is imitated in a traditional mining town where you can participate in a variety of fun exercises such as horse riding, hiking and jogging. Similarly, there is a small zoo where teenagers can be very close to local and extraordinary creatures.


Another visit to Las Vegas is the charming and striking Stratosphere tower. At a height of about 1150 feet, it offers several valid justifications for the peak of fall. You can enjoy the best rushes such as SkyJump, Insanity and Big Shot. Plus, when you’re in the mood for adrenaline, the outdoor patio is one of the best places in Las Vegas, offering incredible views of the city.


The Strip is a good answer because you do not know where to go in Las Vegas, United States. This 3-kilometer stretch passes through the center of Sin City and is secured by exotic resorts, high-speed pubs, huge cafes and cheerful clubs. It is shocking to visit the Strip during the evening, as the whole city is so exciting, illuminated by yellow lights and neon signs. To be honest, the best places you can find in Las Vegas are near or close to the Strip.

Neon Museum

This showroom respects the city itself – Las Vegas has safely housed the brightest neon signs in favor of the bands. The exhibition hall is a repellent to store, use and repair these long-standing posters. The assistants describe the historical background indicated by the signs. Some of these parts are reinstalled and some are in their state because they cannot be recovered completely.

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