How to Easily Make Yarn Pom-Poms Step by Step

Pom-poms are commonly known by many due to their ability to add a lot of fun pop to the texture and color of fun crafts and knitting projects. They are easily made from yarn and do not require any unique supplies or tools at all. They are items that you can make using the hands.

Pom-Pom making on your own is essential as you can work with and match the yarn that you desire. You can as well make use of the yardages that are leftovers. Making Pom Poms on your own is also important as you can decide to customize simple knit hats with big toppers or even add rows of small pom-poms at the ends of scarfs. You can create big colorful wreaths if you desire to take your Pom-Pom to higher levels. 

Most of the materials that you will need to make the yarn pom poms are easy to find. Here are some of the materials and equipment that you will need to make the yarn Pom Poms while using the hands:


The types of equipment you need are:

  • A Cardboard
  • Small circular items that you can use to trace such as lids and glasses.
  • A pen
  • A pair of scissors.

What is the Best Yarn to Make a Pom-Pom?

There are different types of yarns that you can use to make the Pom-Pom, but one of the best to choose is the single-ply yarns. These yarns are the best because the best Pom Poms are those that are fuzzy. 

poms poms

The single-ply yarns tend to easily fuzz up because they do not have yarn twists and plies. Because of this tendency, the single-ply yarns do not have so much structural integrity, thus making them susceptible to pilling when they are knitted up. They are also soft, and floppy compared to the multiply yarns, thus making them the best choice for making fluffy and soft pom poms. 

How to Make Your Own Pom-Poms by Hand

Make Cardboard Templates 

It can be easiest to use glasses, lids, or other round items, and trace some circles on the cardboard. Ensure that you draft a big circle and a small circle inside the larger circle. The big circle helps determine the diameter of the pom-pom yarn that you want. Ensure that you make several sizes of the templates as they will help you create different sizes of the yarn pom-poms.

Cut the Circles Out

After you have made the circles on the cardboard, cut around the big circles. You can use a scalpel or a razor blade to cut the big circles. However, it would be best if you were very careful while cutting the circles as this determines the shape of your Pom-Poms. 

After you cut around the bigger circle, you can now cut a slit to reach the circle’s center. You can now cut the center away. Ensure that you widen the slit so that it can become easy to pass the yarn through.

Begin Wrapping the Yarn Around the Template 

After cutting the center away, you can now start the yarn wrapping process around the ring of the cardboard. Carefully ensure you hold the end of the yarn in the right position always, so that it does not get lost in between. 

When you secure the yarn’s end, start wrapping around the whole ring as you fill the gaps. The best way to do the wrapping is by working near the slit of the ring, but you should be cautious not to be too close because you can slip off the ends of the cardboard. 

Wrap the Yarn Around the Ring Till it is Full 

You should wrap the yarn on the ring until no more wrapping can be done in the ring. For you to ensure that you make round and full Pom-Pom, you must make sure that you wrap around the ring and the center circle until they are full. However, if you want to make a Pom-Pom that is floppy and loose, make you do not fill the ring. 

Cut Around the Edge of the Ring

Once the ring is full of the yarn, you can now trim the yarn and begin snipping along the ring’s edges that is wrapped with the yarn. 

You must cut through all the strands of the yarn. You can now use scissors that have a sharp point to do this. While you are cutting the yarn, you should be careful not to let the cut pieces push on one of the sides or even come out on either side.

Put Together the Cut Yarn Pieces

poms poms

After making sure that all the edges are snipped, you can now cut a good length of the yarn and tie it around the middle of the Pom-Pom and very close to the cardboard’s ring. The most efficient way is to tie once the yarn and wrapping its ends around on the other side. 

After doing this, you can then tie a double knot. Ensure you tightly pull the yarn, but do not break it. The ends must also be left long. After doing all this, you can finally remove the cardboard templates. 

Shape the Pom-Pom 

At this stage, your pom-pom slightly looks out of shape. To fix this problem, trim the yarn until it is in the perfect shape. Hold the long yarn ties and then wrap all around the pom-pom. Keep turning it as you trim. 

Fluff and Finish Trimming the Pom-Pom

Once you complete trimming the Pom-Pom, the other crucial step is to roll on the hands gently. The process fluffs up the Pom-Pom and shows the areas that need some trimming. If there are parts that require trimming, ensure they are attended. After it is done, you can use the long yarns you left to attach the Pom-Pom to your project. 

Where Can I Buy Premade Pom-Poms?

If you are looking to purchase pom-poms premade instead, then you need to purchase them from a source that you can trust will produce high-quality pom-poms that will work with any project you would like to use them with and will last for years to come. To purchase high-quality crafts such as this, order premade pom-poms, and any other crafting supplies you need, from WomanShopsWorld. 

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