Minimalist Decluttering Tips: 9 Ways to Clean Your Home (and Mind)

No matter how often you tidy up, it seems like the stuff in your house always multiplies. Not only that, it’s always out and in the way.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people need some thorough decluttering to get them on the road to a tidy home.

That’s why I put together this list of 9 great minimalist decluttering tips.

It’ll get you off and running towards having a home that doesn’t feel like it’s overrun with stuff!

Sound good? Keep reading to find out more.

1. Get A Plan

You want a plan before you start decluttering. So get out your pen and paper, or a laptop, and jot out some ideas on the type of home you’d like to have.

It’s a lot easier to work towards a specific goal or vision than it is to just randomly declutter and stop at some point.

It might seem like a silly first step, but it’ll get you off on the right foot!

2. What Sparks Joy?

You may have heard about Marie Kondo and her famous method of decluttering. Whether you are looking to use her entire system or not, you can still use one of the big components of it.

For every item you take a look at in your home, decide if it brings you joy. Her take is that only the things that spark joy inside you should stay in your home. If it gives you a big healthy smile, keep it around.

3. Big Pieces

You might think of decluttering as getting rid of small items.

But the reality is that big pieces of furniture can also clutter up space. Consider donating unnecessary chairs, bookshelves, and other larger piece.

If the room suddenly feels bare, you could look to add some plant life to your space. Search for something like a fiddle leaf fig tree for sale to get some greenery going.

4. Switch To Digital

Have a lot of old CD’s, books and DVD’s cluttering up your shelves? It might be time to let them go. But, not really.

You can easily get digital versions of your music, movies, and books and store them on hard drives, phones, and tablets!

You’ll still be able to play your favorite movie when you bring a first date over.

5. A Change of Color

It might not seem like a decluttering technique, but switching from a dark color palette to a bright one can make your space feel less cluttered.

So get out the paintbrush and try bright, sharp colors instead of drab, dark ones!

6. Ditch the Decorations

We probably all have some decorative elements in our homes that we don’t need anymore. And they are cluttering up the space, even if they are hanging on the wall.

Take some of your household decorations off your vertical spaces, and you’ll feel how much space it gives you. Then consider replacing your wall full of little decorations with one larger hung piece.

7. Kitchen Items

Everyone assumes that you should have a kitchen jammed full of every item you might need one day.

But the truth is most meals can be prepared with the same essential tools over and over. So give your kitchen a thorough decluttering.

If there’s a utensil or tools you have used in a year, you probably don’t need it!

8. Don’t Refill

Once you’ve decluttered a space, resist any natural inclination for something to replace the items you once had there.

Try to lay off shopping for a period after you’ve decluttered. It will let your mind get used to space and see it as ‘correct.’ That way you won’t be tempted to put something new in the decluttered space.

9. Everything Has a Place

A big part of staying decluttered is knowing exactly where everything goes.

Decide on a home for as many items as you can, and always put them back in those spots. Eventually, it will become something you do without even thinking about it.

Minimalist Decluttering Tips

These 9 minimalist decluttering tips should get you on your way.

And once you’ve decluttered your closets and are looking to reward yourself, check out this blog on finding a fun leather jacket!

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