Most Popular Party Jackets for Family Friend Occasions

The festive season is almost upon us, and it’s the time of year when we all get a chance to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves! Everyone loves a good party – whether it’s an office party or one laid on by friends – and perhaps you are thinking of hosting one? Christmas and New Year are both prime party occasions, where all the family come together, friends too, and everyone enjoys some fun and games.

But, there’s always the question: what do I wear? For women, the answer comes quite easily, as most will have their party gear sorted for the season – the little black dress always gets a showing at this time of year – but for men, it can be a little more different. It also depends on the type of party you are dressing for. Your office do will likely be an informal event – smart casual does the trick for that – but you may be invited to a cocktail party, or an organised event, or even a party that specifies you push the boat out a little on your choice of clothing. 

We have had a good look at this season’s party jackets for men – and they cover a wide range of styles – so let’s get down to business! We’ve split our jackets into three sections: fun, formal, and smart-casual, so you can match each one to the party concerned!

The Fun Party Jacket

A party is always about fun but some are more fun than others! It’s not unusual to be invited to an informal gathering at which you might be asked to dress with a bit of colour or be more outlandish than usual, and these occasions really do bring out the smiles! For these occasions you can get away with something really different, and after all, you want to go as mad as you can because everyone will be doing it!

Thin bright colours and paisley patterns, crazy checks and contrasting jeans and shirt. Go wild, do something that really makes you stand out. We recommend charity shops for this sort of thing, as you can find some real quality one-off bargains when you shop on the high street. 

The Formal Party Jacket

Now things are getting serious! The festive season is also a period in which charity balls and events take place, and also business events such as awards presentations and others. At these, you will be expected to dress with some level of formality, as you will if you are lucky to be invited to – or choose to host – a proper cocktail party! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a touch different.

What about pairing your best trousers, a smart shirt and your dress shoes with a tuxedo? This is a mixture that goes down well at cocktail parties – in fact, at some of the events mentioned above, a tuxedo may be specified for gentlemen – and there are some lovely examples around. You don’t have to be completely traditional when it comes to a tux, there are some great patterns out there.

Or, if a tuxedo is a touch too formal, why not a classic three-piece suit with all the trimmings? Or perhaps a blazer with the smart attire we mentioned earlier? If you want to have a look at some ideas, click here for some perfect choices and inspiration.

The Smart-Casual Party

The Smart-Casual Party

This is probably the type of party you are most likely to be invited to: drinks at a friend’s house or perhaps a pub or club, or a New Year’s Eve party that is not too high-brow. The trick is to find a jacket that is noticeable for perhaps its pattern or colour, but not too over the top that it makes you stand out too much!

We like pastel colours worn with jeans for this look or, as is very much in these days, the tweed jacket with a pair of chinos looks the part. One way of looking truly great at this sort of party is to go with a sensible dark blue or grey jacket and a very bright, patterned waistcoat – it’s a classic look, and one that will look great at any party.

Dressing for a party is about looking good and having fun. You may want to make sure your attire matches that of your partner – check what she or he is going to wear beforehand if you don’t want to clash – or you might have your own ideas about what looks good on you. 

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to make your own mark, or to stamp your own style on the outfit you choose to wear. After all, it’s about you, and not just how good you look, but how comfortable and at ease you feel in company, so take your time and find a party jacket that you can enjoy wearing. 

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