Rekindle Your Romance this Weekend

It’s wonderful to be in love, there’s no other feeling quite like it – everybody would agree. What with the pressures of modern life though, it can be easy to start to take for granted your ‘other half’. Once in a while, it’s healthy to reflect on what you are bringing to your relationship, and plan a couple of days where you can go above and beyond. Showing that you care for your partner is incredibly important and planning a romantic weekend could be the perfect place to start. Where to take them through? Here are some ideas for a weekend full of romantic activities.

A Day at the Races

What’s more exciting than a day at the races?

There’s something old-world romantic about a day out at the races. You and your partner can really dress up and feel your best, which makes for a great start to the day. Whether it’s a full suit and tie and cocktail dress occasion or not, you can decide exactly what you want to wear. Remember, people get refused entry for being too casual, nobody gets refused entry for being too smart.

Brushing up on your horse racing knowledge beforehand is sure to impress, so it’s a good idea to read a few betting tips for the weekend’s racing. Even if they don’t guarantee you a winner, a little knowledge always makes you feel a lot more confident.

Put aside a little money, separated into coins for you both to place your bets. Even though you won’t be betting a lot of money, it’s fun to cheer your horse passed the finish line. If you thrive on competition then see who can earn the most from a ten-dollar starting point. Just a hint, don’t be surprised if both of you end up with less than ten dollars! Guessing the winner can be notoriously difficult, but lots of fun anyway.

Don’t Just Buy a Bouquet, Make One

True romantics will love this way of spending an afternoon. If you’re lucky enough to live in a relatively large city then you might be able to find a flower arranging class, they’re often not expensive and you’ll both get a bouquet to take home. On top of this, it’s a lovely way to spend time together. If you live more rurally then you still have options.

Your first option is to take a walk in the countryside. As well as being a nice way of talking to your partner, arm in arm, you’ll be surprised how pretty some wildflowers can look, interspersed with an ear of wheat and some pretty grasses. Just tie your posey together with a delicate ribbon and it’ll look beautiful. The other option is to buy a few bunches of plain flowers from the local supermarket and follow a flower arranging instructional video. A few bunches of flowers will cost you less than $20, and you’ll be able to make beautiful bouquets for your friends too.

Make Your Own Cinema

If the budget is at an all-time low then that doesn’t mean you can’t organize something special, you’ll just have to get a little creative. Creating a cinema in your own home is a totally free idea that your partner is sure to appreciate.

Try to find a time when they’ll be out of the house and turn your sofa into a movie theatre. Detachable cushions can be used as walls, and a blanket thrown over the top to block out light. Pop a laptop on top of a pillow inside your movie fort, and pick out one of your favourite romantic films.

If you really want to go to town then pick up your partner’s favourite soda and grab a bag of ice to make slushies. You can also make a simple caramel sauce for popcorn, by melting butter and sugar together with just a splash of water. Get your sauce ready, then pop your popcorn and pour the sauce over whilst it’s still warm. Homemade popcorn is a real triple whammy, it’s even more delicious than the stuff you get at the cinema, making it yourself really shows you care, and it’s cheaper too!

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