Safety Tips When Online Dating on Ashley Madison

Most people across the world are familiar with dating sites. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or just a fling, there are several sites available for that. 

Ashley Madison, commonly known as an infidelity app is used by married people who are looking for a one time thing. This is due to many couples being unhappy in their marriages which is offten caused by several reasons. 

The most common one being sexual dissatisfaction. Well, if you are looking to use such online services, here are a few tips you can consider using just to be safe. You can also visit to know more about Ashley Madison. 

Go Far Away

Having an affair close to your home could be risky. The last thing you want is getting caught. For this reason, it is always best to meet your lover far away from home as possible. 

Avoid places close to your workplace too and any other spot where you may meet someone familiar. Besides, you should consider traveling to another city to have an affair. 

That way you can be sure you won’t run into your wife’s closest friend or any other person that knows your partner. All in all, you cannot be 100% sure that no one will spot you, but it’s always good to be discreet.

Keep it a Secret

Don’t go telling your friends or your siblings about your infidelity no matter how close you are. Or even brag about it among your peers to look cool. Let your illicit affair will remain a secret

You can never know who might spill the beans and put an end to your marriage. The secret should remain between you and your lover. You may also caution your lover against mentioning your extramarital affairs to her friends too. 

Use Cash

If you intend to keep your affair from your spouse, then you should avoid paying for your traveling tickets, hotels, or expensive dinners with your credit card. 

The first rule of having extra-marital affairs is to always use cash whenever you are out with your lover. If you and your wife have a joint account from which you usually get monthly statements, then you risk being caught. 

You don’t want your partner questioning your expenditure for an expensive dinner they never enjoyed with you. Avoid getting caught by never leaving a paper trail.

Use Protection

This is the most important thing you should keep in mind while cheating. Using condoms protects you and your spouse from getting STDs or worse unwanted pregnancies from your lovers. You should have in mind that your found lover may be having sex with other random people too, and if you end up with the careless type, you risk getting HIV too.

Improve Security on Your Devices

If you have a computer or a mobile that is accessible to your partner, then that needs to change now that you have an affair. You may consider buying a second phone for your private conversation and keep it with you at all times. Similarly, you may add a security feature such as a Black book to your computer or phone to improve the security of your devices. You wouldn’t want your wife finding out about all your dirty secrets.

Maintain the Status Quo

Maintaining a low profile is always best if you don’t want to draw any suspicion. So out of the blue, you start wearing expensive perfumes, tailored suits, get a new haircut something you’ve not been doing for ages. I bet anyone in their right mind will notice the changes. You can be sure all these changes in your appearance will prompt your wife to start questioning your sudden desire to look more appealing. So, it’s best to avoid any drastic changes in your looks to avoid drawing too much attention.

Hide the Evidence

Always make an effort to hide every evidence of your affairs if you want to stay married. The smell of a lady’s perfume on clothes or lipstick on your shirt could give you away so easily. 

Ensure to check your clothes for such evidence before going back home to your wife. Also, you may consider carrying extra clothing when out with your lover for safety. You should also check your car seats for anything that could land you in trouble. 

Imagine having to explain to your wife why there is an earring on the back of your seat that she doesn’t know of. You don’t want to leave traces that will lead your wife to start having doubts on you.

Stay Tight-Lipped

Having an affair while married is risky. Anything could happen between you and your lover and they may decide to blow your cover. In this case, avoid exposing your details such as your workplace or home address or your spouse’s name. 

Likewise, use a false name when creating your profile on the app. Luckily, unlike most dating sites, this platform allows you to use any image as your profile. 

This way, you won’t have to worry about running into a close friend on the extra-marital affair dating site. Additionally, you meet all types of people on Ashley Madison, and some might come to you with hidden agendas. Before you know it, you are at the edge of losing your marriage. Always exercise optimal caution.


Bearing in mind that, nothing is new about online cheating, Ashley Madison has made it easier for strangers to meet and connect. This dating site creates a safe place where a married individual can have discreet extra-marital affairs. It further provides a pool of unbiassed and mature individuals; hence you have a variety of choices to choose from. Nonetheless, for you to safeguard your marriage, you must avoid sharing your details with hook-ups. plus, it’s always advisable to do an extra background check on your lover to avoid any surprises. But  more importantly, you can also find a way to stop your spouse from cheating.

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