Shopping Tips on Engagement Rings

When you’re sure that the person next to you is the right one, the engagement is a logical sequence of events. You are waiting for the right moment, thinking of how the proposal will look like. Oh, and an engagement ring you are looking forward to. Buying this piece of jewelry is an adventure that requires investing a certain amount of time, but also money.

Most ladies want to be surprised when it comes to an engagement, but some don’t want to leave anything to chance. They will go shopping with their loved ones to find the right rings. But if you’re alone in this mission, you should have some knowledge before you go on a ‘hunt’ for this piece of jewelry.

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Know Her Style

Keep in mind that your girl will show her new band to everyone. It will probably end up on social media, where she will brag about engagement. That may put a little pressure on you, who are afraid of making a mistake in their choice. The thing is simple; this piece of jewelry should fit with your lady’s style.

Depending on whether your girlfriend is a simple, elegant or eccentric type, she will want to wear such a ring on her hand. If your lady is a businesswoman, too eccentric pieces of jewelry won’t match her style. But if your lady is into hippie fashion, and likes unusual things, think that way, but don’t overdo it. The pinnacle of oddity should be a colorful stone or an engraving.

The color of gold is essential because it should fit in with your girlfriend’s style. Although rose gold variants are popular now, maybe your lady doesn’t prefer trendy things. Pay attention to the jewelry she wears, and try to match the engagement ring with that.

Diamond Shape


An unwritten rule is that an engagement ring, unlike a wedding band, must have some gem on it. The average man doesn’t know what kinds of precious stones exist; let alone what shapes they can be found on the ring. You can find out more about this link. They don’t know that it is a crucial element when choosing an engagement ring.

The stone on the ring should be a reflection of the character of the girl wearing it. Round and oval shapes are market leaders. You can’t go wrong with them if your lady is sophisticated and feminine. The same goes for princess cuts. Pillow and square cuts go great with dynamic and adventurous girls.

If you can’t decide which stone to choose, or your sweetheart doesn’t have a distinct style in which a gem would fit, play safe. You can never go wrong with diamonds, which will fit in all styles and shades of gold.

Real Size

The wrong size can really be a surprise factor if you buy the ring alone. You may have found THE ring, but if it’s too big or small, that can ruin a moment. Your sweetheart probably won’t blame you, but you certainly don’t want to remember the engagement by the wrong ring size.

If possible, ‘borrow’ any ring that your sweetheart is wearing. Or, ask her friend to do it for you. That’s the surest way for jewelers to determine size. Another option is to use some of the online measurers.

Think of Budget

Engagement and marriage may be all about love, but without money, neither can be realized. So, before buying a ring, determine the budget. No need to exaggerate, but don’t nig either. You can find out about the prices in jewelry stores or over at Netcoalition if you are considering online shopping.

Keep in mind that shopping online can be a good and economical option, but only if you find a reputable vendor. Don’t risk with online auctions or websites that seem like scams to you, because they most likely are. Buy only from jewelers who have a history of business and positive customer experiences.

The engagement ring is important, but what really matters is the moment of the proposal. It should be unexpected and leave the future bride breathless. Come up with a beautiful speech, tell her why she is the woman of your life, and say THE question. This act only happens once in a lifetime, so make it memorable.

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