Swing Trainer – How To Improve Your Baseball Swing

In baseball, every team has nine players. There are two kinds of players; hitters and batters. A batter attempts to hit the ball with a bat, while a hitter comes up to bat. These two are always up against a pitcher.

A hitter in any team must be experienced and with enough skills. Hitters are flexible and can continuously adjust certain positions and polishing to ensure they have the best swings. A hitter must have excellent eye-hand coordination. You can also learn more about improving your swing by practicing and reading more on various platforms. Well, there are different ways to improve your baseball swing as a hitter. These include;

  1. Exercising

The most challenging task in this game is hitting the ball. A player has to be in good shape and very flexible. It is not only about being in the field. An individual has to be physically fit. Always make time for the gym and do workouts that help with coordination and improve your posture and balance. 

When playing, one has to make specific stands and stances; you can achieve if one is fit to adjust. Incorporate exercises like deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, and lunges that build general body strength and size and improve shoulder health. 

You can also make frequent sprints to help increase your speed and ensure you do not run out of breath during the game. Eat a healthy diet and drink a lot of water while at it. A good player must be healthy.

  1. Batting gloves and bat

Although ignored by many, a significant factor in improving your swing is the gear choice. Always choose suitable batting gloves and bat before going for the game. Select one that you are most comfortable when using.

There are various batting gloves and bats for you to choose from. The suitable batting gloves can define between swinging with power and for contact. Before selecting a glove, measure from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm. Doing this ensures you get the exact fit for your hands. Note that blisters can form in your hands when using wrinkled gloves. 

Do not choose a type of bat because every other good player uses it. Instead, select one with the perfect weight to maximize swing speed. It may be challenging to use one that feels heavy or too light. The bat should also be of a good length. Read more here http://probaseballinsider.com/baseball-instruction/fundamentals-of-hitting/ 

  1. Confidence

Lack of confidence is a huge setback to any player. Confidence works hand in hand with a positive mindset. You can only be great at what you do if you believe in yourself. The beauty of a good game is seen through the confidence each player carried and the trust they had in each other.

Despite how good your opponent might be, always believe you are equally good and trust in your time practicing and polishing. Try relaxing before the game starts and ease up the nerves to improve your confidence. You should also study the game to have an idea of how best to hit back.

  1. Pitch timing

Timing is also vital in the game. Good timing means that you make contact with the bat every time you swing. Solely focus on the pitcher before swinging. You are more likely to make contact with the ball if you start swinging just when the pitch is about to be delivered. 

Do not just stand waiting for the ball to come your way; it delays your reflexes as a hitter. Although you may want to know whether the pitch is a ball or strike, standing still narrows down your timing. 

Improve your pitch timing by working alongside your team’s pitcher during game practices. You can also have a pro study you during practice and then give you a few tips on where to improve.

  1. Batting stance

There are different ways to position yourself when in a batter’s box. Find a correct batting stance that you are comfortable with. Position your step towards the pitcher for you to have a good stance. Your feet should be a bit wider than the width of your shoulders to maximize on stability. It is advisable to be consistent with a specific stance.

It is easier to make an adjustment when you have a consistent batting stance. With consistency, you do not have to keep shifting and switching positions during the game. Another flex of sticking to a stance is that you can quickly tell if something is amiss. Click here to learn more.

  1. Legs

A player might have flawed swings because they did not use their legs during the game. Swinging does not entirely depend on arm strength. It takes incorporation of the whole body to make better swings.

Position your legs well as you wait for the pitch. A mix of arm and shoulder strength and leg position improve the power and the speed at which the bat comes to contact with the ball. Incorporation of the lower body also reduces a little strain from your arms.

If you study good hitters, you will notice that most of them incorporate their lower body and backside during plays. Put pressure on your hips when taking a swing or rotating to help you keep the balance. Remember to always land on your heels when spinning to increase body speed during rotation.


You can also use swing trainers to help improve your swing. These trainers include Momentus speed hitter, Powerchute, and insider bat swing, to mention a few. When purchasing trainers, always consider the ease of use and swing recording capability.

There must be a winner and a loser in every game or competition. Failure highlights your weaknesses and areas that need improvement. Even the greatest baseball players had bad games before. How you respond to a fall greatly determines your comeback. Failure is part of the game that a player should use as motivation to do better.

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