Incorporating The Danish Hygge Design Trend Into Your Home

Creating a warm and cozy home has become a priority for many people now that we’re spending more time indoors. To make their homes even more welcoming, some homeowners are redecorating with coziness in mind, choosing to incorporate the hygge design trend into their décor. Hygge, which is a Danish word that loosely translates to coziness and comfort that promotes a feeling of contentment, has become popular all over the world, and the concept of cozy living has resulted in the influx of hygge-inspired blankets, candles, rugs, and other home goods on the market. If you’re planning to revamp your living space to make it more pleasant and homey, consider these easy ways to incorporate some hygge in your décor.

Natural Materials to Create a Cohesive Look

Hygge décor can be best described as rustic Scandinavian design, so it looks more inviting and tactile than the typical IKEA showroom. But while hygge is more family-friendly than contemporary or modern design, it also looks cohesive due to the materials used to create it. According to Paradisa Homes, having a custom-built home with elements that suit your preferred design scheme is one of the easiest ways to make your home look more cohesive. However, you can do the same without a major renovation job. To achieve flow and cohesion while adding hygge to your home, bring in some furniture and shelves in a light wood, and make sure that all wood accents in the home have the same light color. You can also add rustic textures by having brick or stone walls in some parts of the home, or place a few woven baskets and smooth leather furniture throughout your house. 

Choose a Neutral Color Palette

The Danes mostly prefer a quiet color scheme for their homes, since hygge is about creating a calm and serene space. To achieve the hygge look, choose a neutral color palette that consists of bright whites, cream or ivory, grays, and different shades of brown. If you want to add a little color, have a few live plants to add a touch of green into your space, or hang up some artwork with subtle hues on the walls. 

Banish Clutter, and Create Cozy Nooks Throughout Your Home

One of the most important elements of a hygge home is the hyggekrog, which is a cozy nook or a comfortable place where one can sit and relax. Consider creating several cozy nooks throughout your home so that everyone can have their own place for reading, drinking coffee, or resting. A nook could be a window seat with cushions, pillows and a small table. You can even transform the space under your stairs into a hyggekrog by placing a small daybed under it. Don’t forget to have a shaggy sheepskin rug on the floor, plus throws or blankets for added warmth. 
Having lots of clutter and knick knacks lying around, meanwhile, can disrupt the peaceful feel of your home. To create a hygge vibe, opt for minimal décor and only display books, vases and candles in your home. Keep framed pictures to a minimum, and use woven baskets to contain other items. 

This year, prioritize coziness and comfort, and turn your home into the ideal Danish abode. Try these tips to add hygge into your home, and create a serene living environment that you’ll enjoy throughout the years. 

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