The Pressures That Many Teenagers Are Under Every Day

People say that every generation is the same and that we all go through equal amounts of stress and worry growing up as teenagers. The thing to remember here however is that they didn’t have the technology that we currently have 40 to 50 years ago and so people could not be bullied online for example and they couldn’t be reached anywhere that they were. There was no pressure to always be showing what you’re doing with your life and so it is fair to say that today’s modern teenager has to put up with a lot more than their parents did many years ago. Kids nowadays are under so much pressure to do well in school and we didn’t have this pushing from parents that we currently have.

Kids have so much to worry about like the social aspects of their lives, the psychological issues that they have to deal with and of course society pressures like taking care of your skin and not letting your acne get out of control. The one thing the kids nowadays do have that is better than in their parents’ time, is essential creams from Roccoco Botanicals that allows them to address their ongoing skin issues. Both boys and girls take real steps to take care of their skin because they know and understand how important it really is. If you are not overly familiar with what teenagers have to put up with nowadays, maybe the following can help to educate you somewhat.

  • Ongoing mental issues – Kids nowadays are incredibly emotional and so they take everything to heart and so they suffer from bouts of depression on a regular basis. The incidence of suicide over the past 15 years has been going up in numbers all the time and it’s because of the pressure that society puts on these young people. If you have a kid yourself, then it is important that you listen to their concerns and you encourage them to surround themselves with friends that can help them work through the challenges that they are facing.
  • Peer group pressures – We as parents had this when we were younger, but teenagers nowadays have a lot more to put up with than we ever did. Social media has put lots of pressure on children to make themselves seem more interesting and so they tend to get themselves into trouble taking photographs in places where they shouldn’t be engaging in behaviour that isn’t normal for them.
  • Academic pressures – It is much different now as teenagers have to compete with so many others and everyone seems to have a university education nowadays which was quite unusual 30 to 40 years ago. Parents now try to live their lives curiously through their children and so they put a lot of pressure on them to study hard and to get the best results possible. You may think you’re doing the right thing as a parent but you are putting your children under unnecessary pressure.

These are just three of the ongoing things that teenagers have to deal with every day and believe me when I tell you that there are numerous more.

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