The Top 6 Best USMLE Preparation Course and Classes to Take Advantage of in 2022

As a healthcare professional, completing the USMLE is one of the most significant steps toward licensure. To become a licensed physician in the United States, one must pass the USMLE Step 1 course, and almost all residency programs require students to attain a passing score. But the exam is also highly challenging since it covers a wide range of topics, ranging from biochemistry and microbiology to genetics and nutrition. The following is a ranking of the finest USMLE preparation courses to help you boost your chances of passing.

1. SmashUSMLE

Our choice of the best USMLE prep courses includes SmashUSMLE, which features a wide range of programs and both in-person and online seminars. More than 250 hours of video lectures, 1,000 flashcards, and 4,000+ practice questions let you study at your own pace and according to your preferred learning method. Additionally, all materials are available as an app, making them portable and mobile-friendly, and a money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind while you study. A passing grade of 235 to 240 is the norm for this subject, with a pass rate of 99%.

2. Kaplan USMLE courses

Kaplan is one of the few surviving USMLE course providers that still provide a classroom-based USMLE course. Those who prefer the convenience of studying from the comfort of their own home have a variety of live-online possibilities. For those who like to learn alone, there are self-paced courses with all you need, or if money is an issue, the USMLE Qbank may suffice.

Likewise, Exam-like questions in a Qbank are included in Kaplan Medical’s USMLE Step 1 course, as well as an enormous video collection with more than 2,000 questions. You may also now access all classes through iPhone and Android devices, making it simple to study wherever you are. You may work on practice questions and answer checks using Step 1 Qbank’s free app.

3. Lecturio

Lecturio is an excellent choice for individuals on a tight budget, offering subscriptions as little as $7.49 per month. Whether you choose the Medical plan or the Nursing plan, you will pay different prices and have other plan options for this course. As a member, you’ll get access to more than 600 hours of high-quality video courses taught by award-winning faculty from prestigious universities like Harvard and Hopkins. Their artificial intelligence even tells you when you need to review ideas for long-term retention.

You’ll obtain USMLE Step 1 course question banks for the CK versions of Steps 1 and 2. You may choose from various timetables, ranging from 40 to 99 days, to see what you should be studying each week.

4. Achievable USMLE step 1 review course

Each USMLE learning goal is tracked uniquely by Achievable using unique adaptive learning algorithms to build a tailored memory model for you. Their learning engine keeps track of how far you’ve come in your studies and adjusts your exam questions accordingly, so you don’t miss anything important. This technology dramatically enhances your learning ability while reducing your time spent studying. While relying on essential study guides, this course also got you covered.

Achievable’s user interface (UX) is simple and easy to use, regardless of where or what device you’re using. Your progress through the course material is shown in progress charts, alongside your current level of proficiency in each component.

Also, Achievable’s content eliminates unnecessary details so that you may concentrate on the essentials. A variety of illustrations, graphs, and charts serve as helpful aides throughout the book. Take a quiz at the end of each chapter to retain your knowledge.

5. BoardVitals

You may test out BoardVitals for a whole ten days with only 30 questions to see whether it is right for you. There are three options based on the amount of time you have available for preparation. With the Master plan, you’ll get a pass guarantee and access to medical specialists who can answer any concerns you have about the material. It is possible to finish the Prepare plan in three months, and you can do the Cram plan in one month, and both give access to more than 3,300 questions, extensive explanations, and a complete test outline.

6. PASS Program

The PASS Program prepares students for the USMLE Steps 1 and 2. This organization provides students with various options, including live online courses, on-demand teaching, and in-person classes. Students are encouraged to ask questions, and the material is broken down to make it easier to learn the enormous amount of information. You may choose between 5- and 12-week programs that run from 8 am to 4 pm, with a lunch break and a 20-minute break each day. There is also an on-site computer lab and taped lectures for at-home study for on-site students.The above are some of the best USMLE prep courses for 2022. You can select a course that best suits your learning aptitudes with the insight. The difference between success or failing the exam significantly depends on your study materials and preparation. Remember, passing the USMLE Step 1 is essential to be a licensed physician in the U.S., and roughly 98% of residency programs require students to get a passing mark to work for them.

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