This Smart Grill is perfect for all types of Barbecues and Pizza Nights.

There is definitely something about cooking a meal in your backyards once or twice and gives you that festive vibe. Whenever we try to gather everyone to that beautiful night where we stay up all night, do barbeques, play games to make it more memorable, especially when it’s paired with good drinks and enjoyed with family and friends.

Well everybody knows what amount of effort we put into barbeque and how much time it actually takes to grill a chicken depending on the type of grill you use. Considering the outcome with wood charcoal is usually pretty tasty, especially if you are using a wood charcoal element to infuse that dose of smoky into your food.

But a classic charcoal grill takes quite a lot of work and patience.

And in early ages, a barbeque was actually two days of work to be done. But in this advanced world we live in, everything is becoming more enhanced and advanced. There is a new invention to a wood charcoal grill that will save your time and out extra juicy taste to your stakes. Don’t think about it much and just give it a try. It will change your nights for sure by putting extra spice into it.

Spark One Grill

Spark One Grill is a high tech version that incorporates wood charcoal in a hassle free way to make the whole experience a lot more fun and more about the delicious results of this fancy tech and less about the grubby, hands on tasks along every step of the way.

The first thing you will see about the Spark One Grill is its sleek, understatedly stylish design, that’s as functional as it’s tasteful- pretty good to see in a category that is often dominated by its details and crude branding. Everything is secured to a heavy-duty steel trolley with teapot support and an adjoining side table (the brand also sells an FSC-certified bamboo cutting board that fits snugly to create a comfortable cooking space).

It also comes with a 15ft power cord (to power the grill and turn on the internal fan for precise temperature control) and three exclusive BBQ brand coals to get you started. It includes real-time baking temperature monitoring, timers, recipes, and the ability to reorder bricks. For assembly, step-by-step instructions and videos are provided through the app or website, and there are no paper guides (may not confuse you if you are not a senior student like me).

For preheating Spark, simply turns a knob to activate the ceramic electric igniter instead of requiring lighters or fireplace lighters (grill lovers prefer charcoal lighters like my husband). It only takes about 51 minutes to reach the desired temperature, as opposed to a hand grill, which depends on the size and quality of the coals, as well as wind and other factors.

Spark offers multiple cooking temperatures, adjustable with a convenient knob, from 250 to 900 degrees, so you can cook anything from seafood and seasonal fruits to brisket and fried chicken. Wooden cabinets (made of natural white oak) fit perfectly into drawers and have low and high temperatures. What really attracts me (and my pizza lover family) is its high heat resistance, which allows for crispy, chewy Neapolitan-style pizza with a pillow crust.

Grilling Pizza on the Spark

Well, who doesn’t like a Pizza? Especially if it’s a home baked or grilled pizza! Well if you haven’t tried a grilled pizza, you could be missing a big thing. Because it’s divine, the great smell of smoke and grilled crisp on top of pizza. It will definitely take you to another world. And you won’t be buying pizza from outside ever again.

We baked several dishes at Spark, but pizza making was found to be the most interesting and healthy. There are a few essentials that are critical to the perfect pie, and fortunately, the brand offers pizza packaging that includes a heavy-duty ceramic stone and an aluminum lid that fits in a pan instead of a grid. (Also great for grilling vegetables without slipping off the wire rack, or even for cakes and loaves of bread.)

After picking up a custom-made pizza set from Miller Pizzeria. Butler at our local (as the problem here is obviously convenience), we stretched and covered our cakes and then just ordered a high-temperature flipped the number to the desired 850 degrees. A key benefit is our ability to preheat our grill (in as little as 10 minutes) without having to waste time measuring coals and waiting for wind and other factors that could ignite or extinguish the flame.

Spark’s detailed guide includes an excellent “dome” tip to ensure a well-finished base and crust. In the scorching heat, the pizza was ready in a matter of minutes, and we felt like real lovers of the wood-fired oven. Result? * Kiss of the chef *

Final thoughts on Spark Grill

While it is definitely an investment, Spark Grill takes charcoal grills to the next level, making them more convenient to use, making them attractive to both novice and experienced grills. A daring experience in $ 5 less when purchased as a set and up to $ 8, and it only includes one chef and cannot be reused. This is our first foray into high-temperature pizza, you have to improvise with regular charcoal (maybe at some temperatures, but often discouraged by the brand because it reduces accuracy and control) or, as in our case, using the lowest temperature BBQ daily, which helped but not top-notch. Overall, however, the Spark One is ideal for those who want high-quality, flavorful results in wood-fired cooking with the absolute convenience of not having to do almost as many manual steps, and so many more. And if you’re unsure about your choice, the company has a 100-day test drive policy so you can give it a try and just return it if you’re not happy with it.

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