Tips For Choosing The Right Shoes

Before you head out to the markets to choose the right pair of shoes, you are probably looking for more than just a stylish choice. There is also the performance and comfort of your shoe to consider.  

Let’s take a look at 10 tips that can help you find the right shoes for your needs.  

Trace Your Foot

before you go shopping, trace out your foot on paper and carry this with you. If you are considering a shoe, place it on top of the tracing to check the size. This can also help you zero in on the best shoe for your foot shape.  

Shop in the Afternoon

did you know that your foot grows during the day. For best-fitting shoes, try them on when your foot has fully expanded in the afternoon or evening.  

Wear the Right Socks

Consider what type of socks you will be wearing with your new shoes and wear these while you try on options. 

Measure Both Feet

You may find like many people do, that one foot is slightly larger than the other. Buy shoes with a good fit for your larger foot.  

Stand in the Shoes

Stand on the shoes and make sure your toes have a bit of room to wiggle and press forward as you walk.  

Walk Around

New shoes can be expected to be a little tight at first, but they should still be comfortable and the right fit. Do the toes and heel feel snug? Is there room for the ball of the foot? Do they pinch? Do they slip off?  

Trust Your Comfort Level

Don’t buy shoes based on their size or descriptions, Choose your footwear for the comfort they provide. These discount Vionics are a great choice for comfort and support.

The Width

Note the width of your shoes as much as you note the length. If you feel that the ball of your foot is being compressed, this is a sign that your shoes are too narrow.  

Remove Tags

Before you place the shoe on your foot, make sure you have removed all stuffing and tags. These will affect your perception of the shoe’s shape.  Examine the soles — are they sturdy and tough enough to protect you from the hazards of your work environment? Are they comfortable walking on stone floors and uneven pavement? Walk on stairs, carpets, and hard floors to give yourself an idea of what to expect.

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