Top 5 Places Where Marijuana Is Legal to Use in Europe

Marijuana-related tourism is becoming more popular in Europe. As the status of cannabis becomes more legitimate, the business is becoming more professional.

1. Malta

Not all European countries have the same rules regarding marijuana. You need to be careful that you know the laws of the country you’re in. Otherwise you could get in big trouble.

This list gives you information on some of the best destinations in Europe where marijuana is partially or fully legal.

Technically speaking, Malta is the only country in Europe where marijuana usage is totally legal.

There are no restrictions on cannabis for personal consumption.

Malta fully legalized marijuana in December 2021, being the first country in the EU to do so.

Other countries have decriminalized marijuana. Understanding the difference is key to helping you stay out of trouble.

For a good overview, check out this list of European countries and their laws related to cannabis.

Many European countries have decriminalized marijuana for personal use. This means that the substance isn’t necessarily legal, but it isn’t illegal.

Other countries have legalized marijuana only for medical purposes.

Some countries allow possession for personal use up to a certain amount.

Check with the laws before consuming cannabis. You don’t want to end up in a foreign jail.

2. Germany

Technically speaking, cannabis isn’t legal in Germany. In fact, it is still illegal.

However, it is illegal to enforce laws related to cannabis consumption. This doesn’t make much sense from a legal perspective, but it’s how things are.

Even though it’s not enforceable, it’s best to be careful when consuming marijuana in Germany.

German police are not necessarily friendly to foreigners. You don’t want to give them a reason to arrest you.

Since marijuana isn’t legal in Germany, you need to be more careful when purchasing cannabis.

There are plenty of CBD shops in big cities like Frankfurt and Berlin, but these cities also have huge drug trafficking networks.

You need to be extra careful when buying marijuana in Germany. Only buy from buyers you trust.

3. The Netherlands

No country in Europe is more famous for weed than the Netherlands. 

Amsterdam in particular has long been a center for drugs and other illicit activities.

The Red Light district in the city is famous and has plenty of coffee shops. Here is a list of some of the best.

If you walk into a coffee shop looking for coffee, you’ll be disappointed.

Coffee shop is code for a cannabis establishment. If you want a real cup of coffee, head to a coffee house.

You’ll have to show your ID before entering a coffee shop. You have to be at least eighteen to purchase marijuana products in the Netherlands.

4. Italy

Considering Italy is known for its spectacular food and wine, it’s not surprising that they’ve decriminalized marijuna.

As in most European countries, cannabis consumption is only decriminalized. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s legal.

You need to be extra careful when buying marijuana in Italy.

Despite being decriminalized, there is a strong social taboo surrounding cannabis.

Driving while high or being high in public can have serious consequences.

Finding reliable sources can also be difficult, especially in the south. There’s a reason why the Italian mafia has the reputation that it does.

Getting caught up in a bad drug deal is a good way to ruin your trip and your life.

In the northern states and in bigger cities, you shouldn’t have issues finding reliable sources of cannabis. Just make sure you know what you’re looking for.

5. Spain

Like Italy and the Netherlands, Spain has decriminalized marijuana.

This means you need to be careful here when buying cannabis as well.

Cannabis clubs have been growing in popularity around the country. Barcelona in particular has gained the reputation as being Europe’s next Amsterdam.

Public consumption is still illegal, though.

You are only allowed to consume cannabis on private property in Spain.

Additionally, you are only allowed to possess 100g (about 3.5 oz).

Neighboring Portugal has also decriminalized cannabis. 


Smoking in Europe can be a great experience. It can be the highlight of your vacation, so long as you follow the rules. 

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