Top Mechanical Engineering Schools

We all cannot be engineers but we all need it in our lives. It is surrounding us everywhere we are. It is an industry that is forever changing and coming up with new inventions. We can clearly see the advancement in cars and how they are becoming more and more efficient with each new model. This is the work of mechanical engineers to design and manufacture. We, therefore, may not be mechanical engineers all of us but we all need to move from one place to the other.

For those who would like to pursue mechanical engineering, it is only right that they acquire the knowledge and skills from institutions that will mold them to become the best that they can be. We shall, therefore, list some of the best schools where you can get a mechanical engineering degree. 

§  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

This is one of the top schools in the engineering field. It has been in existence for quite some time and is responsible for the delivery of some of the world’s best inventions. Some of these inventions are the invention of magnetic core memory and the expansion of the universe concept.

§  Stanford University USA

Known for its popularity in many other fields, it is definitely one of the top schools to learn mechanical engineering. They are known for actively using technology for innovation. They have made strides in the medical industry by using additive manufacturing technology to develop 3D devices to view organs.

§  University of Cambridge

It has been in existence for over 80 decades. Focus is on educating students on how to work in teams and solve problems. Their engineering programs mainly focus on robotics, mechanics among other disciplines.

§   Harvard University

Almost everyone knows of Harvard University. It is a prestigious university where students aspire to join. Its programs are therefore recommended as the best in the entire world. They are highly qualified in research as they use the available technology to come up with devices that help in the medical field. For instance, their 3D bio printing of tissues is notable in the medical industry.

§  The University of California

At whatever level that you want to pursue a mechanical engineering degree, The University of California is the best place to be. People may want to advance in their education and you can find all that here. From bachelors’ masters’ and PhDs, all these can be achieved in this university. They are also passionate on research hence are well equipped with a 3D printing lab.

§  The University of Michigan

If you are feeling that you need your mechanical engineering degree to be given the attention it deserves, makes your way to the University of Michigan. They have 150 years worth of experience in the industry and have a department specifically dedicated to mechanical engineering. Their programs on offer in regard to engineering have various specializations that one can choose from.

§  The University of Oxford

This university not only holds the title of being one of the best but also one of the oldest schools in the field. It has also invested in the 3D technology which includes optical chopper enclosure. Their students are well equipped with skills hence are eligible for sponsorship worldwide.

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