Summer is Coming – 5 Ideas for Creating The Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space

With summer creeping in and temperatures climbing across the US to averages that are well above 80 degrees in many states, entertaining your family and friends during warm nights might be something that you’re looking forward to.

Unfortunately though, it’s hard to entertain during any time of the year if your outdoor space isn’t particularly… Entertaining.

Don’t let your friends steal hosting rights this summer! Follow our simple tips below to step up your outdoor entertaining space and make the most of the season!

1. Upgrade Your Seating

People are going to be a whole lot more open to hanging out if they know they’re going to be comfortable. There’s no better way to ensure that comfort than to invest in high-quality outdoor seating.

Websites like and other outdoor furniture experts tend to push “Tucci” as a go-to outdoor seating brand. Tucci is indeed a reliable manufacturer but if you can’t afford that brand, don’t lose your cool.

So long as your seating is comfortable, your guests will love relaxing on whatever you buy.

2. Pick Up a Fire Pit

Nothing says outdoor entertaining quite like having a large fire pit.

We get that summers can get pretty warm in some parts of the country but no matter where you live, around 10 pm, people are going to start getting chilly. Splurging on a fire pit is a good way to make sure that getting chilly doesn’t give people an excuse to pick up and leave.

3. If You Can Afford a Pool, Put One In

People, summer and pool parties go together like peanut butter, jelly and bread.

If you have an awesome built-in pool sitting in your outdoor space, you’ll almost certainly have a trump card when fighting a friend or family member for hosting dibs.

Some people will forgo traditional built-in pools for cheaper above-ground tubs… We’re not big fans of those as they can cheapen your outdoor space’s look.

In our opinion, you should go big or go home with your pool. If you opt to go big, be prepared for massive waves of guests to be visiting all season long.

4. Make Sure Food and Drink is Always Flowing

If you’re hosting, make sure that there are always food and beverages that people can pick at.

Don’t be that host who controls people’s eating by throwing a party and designating a specific “eating time” where each person will get a pre-portioned plate.

Summer parties are supposed to be fun. Nobody is going to visit if you’re throwing an uptight, constricted dinner party where your guests will spend most of the night hungry.

5. Break Up Your Area into Stations

To encourage movement at your parties and to get people mingling, break your outdoor space into stations.

Have one area be the desert space. Have another area be the place where people can pick up alcohol. Maybe an additional area can be where board games are laid out.

The more areas/options you give people, the more people will walk around, interact and feel comfortable during your event.

Closing Out Our Ideas for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space

Creating a solid outdoor entertaining space doesn’t need to be about money. Certainly money helps, but if you’re creative and keep your guest’s feelings in mind, you’ll come up with interesting ideas to punch up your entertaining space in a way that’ll make your house the place to be all summer long!

For more summer entertaining inspiration, check out additional content on the blog today.

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