Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Your Vera Bradley Backpacks

Vera Bradley is an extravagance decent maker and retailer, known truly for its cotton stitched bags, and once in a while contrasted with extravagance brand like Michael Kors and Coach. Their items are easy to get to through selected accessory stores like Macy’s Amazon, also through Vera Bradley’s own stores and outlets. Best known for famous prints and keen styles, Vera Bradley is a main creator of ladies’ bags, travel belongings and beautifications. They plan mind full measures loaded up with exceptional subtleties that make every day simpler and more delightful. At its very center, Vera Bradley is an inventive brand for ladies. They have generally been roused by the necessities of the clients, and proudest minutes have been the point at which they can unite networks of ladies through their common love of excellence. They have different circulation focuses all through the United States and Japan. They sell straightforwardly to the buyer through maximum and manufacturing plant stores, and Annual Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. What’s more, they sell in a way through retail chain and unique boutique partners.

Product Summary 

Vera Bradley offers distinctive kinds and suitable utility in each design. The organization began as an approach to fill the requirement for enhanced looking luggage, and since it was launched in 1982, from till now has become a worldwide success as they also offers Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Online. Presently it’s a notable brand that offers top notch bags for sophisticated ladies. The backpacks take this to another level by offering adaptable association solutions for guardians, undergraduates, experts, explorers and other working people.

One of the signs of Vera Bradley backpacks is the precious diamond stone stitching. This sewing formation improves the artistic patterns and furthermore adds the strength to the bags yet it’s not found on each style. This brand knows that accessory is similarly as significant as style, which is the reason the colors of their bags don’t fade and the materials are ok for machine wash.

The Vera Bradley Campus backpack is the leading bag pack being reviewed. If you need to take a ton of books, note pads or folios alongside a PC, it’s likely the perfect alternative for you. The Laptop backpack has a jacket for PCs with screens that measure 15 inches or less, yet the jacket isn’t isolated from the fundamental compartment with a zipper, so this bag may not assist weighty school goods.

In case you’re searching for a regular backpack, you should choose the Lighten up Just Right backpack for something slighter. Because this one has a lot of pockets for organizing; however it doesn’t have a gadgets jacket. Then again, it resists water, making it one of the most climate safe alternatives.

A few Vera Bradley backpacks are appropriate for regular use. The smaller forms, for example, the Drawstring and Leighton styles are ideal for substitutions of purse.

Products Features 

  • Colorful material
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Water resist
  • Full-Day Camping Accessories Capacity Efficient

Colorful Material

The material design is very colorful it also has expressive pattern options which reflect this brand uniquely. This brand features an organized method of applying colors to Vera Bradley backpacks.

Light weight

This brand features such kinds of backup that is light on weight and is very easy to handle, it doesn’t make you feel heavy on the shoulder.


One of its main features is the durability of its backpacks. They are long-lasting, even the color dose not fades and they are easy on machine wash.

Water Resistance

Some of it backpacks have water resistance feature which make this brand unique from other, like if you are travelling somewhere and suddenly climate changes so it’s completely climate safe also.

Full-Day Camping Accessories Capacity Efficient

The Vera Bradley backpacks accommodates the huge capacity to put up your accessories, as it has ample pockets and different compartments to put your accessories in organized manner.

Top 10 Backpacks to Pick 


With a great outline and the additional usefulness of Iconic styles, the Iconic Campus Backpack in bright cotton and is perfect for school, the workplace or an extemporaneous escape. Lightweight and pleasant to carry, this best-adored pack will supplement feeling of style and requirement for work. Look at all the additional pockets and exceptional subtleties (like a grommet for earphones) that settle on it the ideal functional choice for a day in a rush.


Overall reviews of the people for this product are positive as they loved this product. Like from 5 star rating it got 4.6 stars and 322 people reviewed the product in which 263 were with 5 star.

Pros Cons
Opening for headphones & earphonesThe bag isn’t waterproof


 This thing works better as a suburbanite or ordinary pack than an understudy backpack. Estimating 11 x 15 x 6 inches, it’s littler than the Campus Tech and Laptop styles. Dissimilar to a portion of different styles of pint-sized backpacks, this one has wide, softened belts, so it’s as yet a delightful fit regardless of whether you fill it with overwhelming things and has two slip pockets on the sides and two zippered ones in the front. The primary compartment additionally closes with a zipper, cotton knitted material, and this backpack is made of smooth polyester. In any case, the smooth texture is like that of a standard backpack.


Most clients state that backpack is amazing. Other client says that the bag can hold roughly three huge course books. Few of clients discover this style too little and accept that it ought to be showcased as a youngster’s bag.

Pros Cons
Resistance from water, straps are padded and hasmodernized shapeThere are No electronics compartments, it’s too small for school requirements, and Straps might splitafter bag is occupied


The Leighton is another backpack that goes too far among handbag and backpack. Estimating 7 x 11.75 x 4.75 inches, it’s too little to be in any way utilized principally as an understudy bag, however it’s ideal for getting things done, making a beeline for work and conveying your phone, wallet and different fundamentals. The fundamental pocket zips close for security and has two inside slip pockets. There’s a zippered pocket outwardly of the pack just as side slip pockets. You can slip your keys or handset inside the side pockets for simple access, or keep them in the pocket on the side for safety. This bag pack makes a helpful handbag. It’s likewise perfect for small kids. It can hold a lunch box; however it won’t suit a standard-size envelope, scratch pad or fastener.


Clients state that this pack is lovely and well-made. Citycustomers state they love it for its association and capacity to fairlysuitablefor weight, however some reviewed that they have to pull a great deal of large things, this bag might be too tiny.

Pros Cons
A tablet can be fitted or small electrical device easily, it has Slip-up pocket alongside the back, It is big enough to keep up water bottles of size 16.9-oz.It has no proper laptop or tablet jacket, Straps are not adjustable for a small child to get tight fitting and it is not suitable for a standard-size folder.


Bigger than numerous conventional totes yet small sized than an understudy backpack, the Drawstring Backpack is a valuable mode to take regular things. At 11 x 12.75 x 5 inches, it’s pint-sized to take all over the places you go. Regardless of whether you would prefer not to wear it on your back, you can take this as a tote utilizing the 3.5-inch handle. The primary compartment is large and contains a zippered pocket within it. The compartment itself closes with a drawstring. A top fold overlaps over everything and has amagnetic front close. A zippered pocket on the back of the bag offers a protected zone to pile your assets. The shoulder ties modify with a belt fastening.


Consumersreviewed that this pack is exquisite and well-made. Customerssaid they love it for its association and capacity to fairly suitable for weight, however some reviewed that they have to pull a excessivecompact of large things.

Pros Cons
Generouscorepartition, accommodating,long-lastingmanufactureFlap on top is opened,allowsstuffs to drop out, shoulder straps are very thin andside pockets are too smaller for keeping water bottles, its only comfortable when hanged on both shoulders otherwise sling on one shoulder is uncomfortable because of thin straps.


If need to keep your laptop and a couple of different requirements, you may go for this backpack. It includes an organized, streamlined structure that tucks conveniently under a plane seat or in a vehicle. At 12 x 16 x 6 inches, it isn’t a lot littler than the Campus Tech; however it has a neater, progressively rectangular shape, when it’s full to the overflow. The front pocket promptness from edge is so good, making a fold that opens fully. Inside is another zippered pocket just as two spaces for conveying pens, Mastercards or a wallet. There is one zipper in key compartment. Inside is a jacket that can hold a laptop. 


Buyers reviewed that they got amazed by the durability of this backpack. The material washes well, and the sewed cotton confronts substantial use. Clients additionally like the way that the pack isn’t weighty.

Pros Cons
Pocket on the front opens all the waywhich makes the inside access very easy;straps of shoulders are wide enoughand very comfortable,can protect a tablet and easy in carrying.Not suitable for large size laptop, side pockets not big enough to hold on bottles.


The Campus Tech backpack is flawlessly measured to fit all requirements. It gauges 12 x 16 x 7.5 inches, which is enormous enough to bear books, electronic gadgets, writingtools and different necessities without overwhelming your casing. The straps are adaptable and wide enough, making this pleasant to take in any event, when it’s full. One of the features this backpack has a square look, the gadgets compartment that gives you a chance to interface your headphones to a gadget so you can tune in to music any place you go. This backpack’s style truly sparkles with regards to the splendidly put pockets. The primary zip pocket is the biggest, and there’s additionally a different zippered back compartment that contains additional softening to protect hardware. Two zippered compartments give you a spot to stash a cell phone, pens or other little things, and two open side pockets are best for water bottles. 


The backpack was reviewed that material used of cotton is durable. Many said it is not waterproof, and the things inside shouldn’t get wet except if you’re in an awful rainstorm. Its microfiber is impressive for some customer. Some buyersreviewed that this bag has numerous utilizations and is pleasant to wear and go with. In any case, a fewcustomers saidthat the straps are not much wide as they wanted.

Pros Cons

Amplified electronics section, Opening for earphones and headphones. 

It is not waterproof,size of bag is much bigger for using it daily,and 17” inch laptop does not fit properly.


TheLightenup Grande Backpackhas flawlessly placed pockets which estimate 12.75 x 16.5 x 7 edges with 2.75 inch handle drop and 29.75 inch customizable strap, highlighting 2 zip outside pockets, 2 slip pockets, 1 primary compartment, and separate laptopjacketit Secureyour tech.


Buyers reviewed that they got amazed by the durability of this backpack. The material washes well, and the sewed cotton confronts substantial use. Clients additionally like the way that the pack isn’t weighty.


Machine wash friendly, color doesn’t fade.

Padded straps but it’s not much supportive, if travelling for long it results in back and neck pain.


Structured with every of the highlights like requirement for school, work or travel, this Iconic XL Campus Backpack in beautiful cotton is tied in with helping you remain in a hurry. On-pattern and in-style, it’s super smart, as well, with isolated compartments and pockets for everything from your laptop to pens.


Overall reviews of the people for this product are positive as they loved this product. Out of 100%, 88% of respondents said that they would recommend it to their friends and from 5 stars rating it got 4.6 stars and 122 people reviewed the product in which 100 were with 5 stars.

Machine washes cold, gentle cycle, line dry The bag isn’t waterproof could be risky to keep electronic items


Created fromlong-lasting, water resistance Lighten Up texture, this backpack is a top pick – with an inside front pocket that highlights one zip pocket, one ID window, four pen slips and two slip pockets


Buyers reviewed that they got amazed by the durability of this backpack. The material washes well, and the sewed cotton confronts substantial use. Clients additionally like the way that the pack isn’t weighty.

Repels from water, lots of pockets, colorful designDoes not carry a big size laptop and straps are little bit less comfy for carrying it for a long time.


Vera Bradley Campus Tech Backpack external of stitched cotton, zipper conclusion, top conveying handle with double customizable shoulder ties, three outside front zip pockets,  two outside slip pockets, outside back trolley jacket, mark logo detail in front, level base, lined inside. 


The backpack was reviewed that material is durable. Some buyers reviewed that this bag has numerous utilizations and is pleasant to wear and go with. In any case, a few customers said that the straps are not much wide as they wanted.

Amplified electronics section, Opening for earphones and headphones It is not waterproof, size of bag is much bigger for using it daily, and 17” inch laptop does not fit properly.

Signature Cotton – The vivid and lightweight cotton you know and love strengthened for a cutting edge feel. Packable and definite with expressive pattern choices, this manufacture is a keen pick for your go-to top choices.

Quilted cotton is packable, lightweight and colorful.

Exterior is featuring a front zip pockets (with two pen pockets and one slip pocket) and three slip pockets

Interior side featuring two slip pockets and one zip pocket

Capacity is much larger and has adjustable straps

Machine washes cold, gentle cycle, line dry

Because it’s small size doesn’t mean Iconic Small Backpack can’t fit all that you need as you get things done, do a bit of touring or meet your companions for informal feast? With pockets intended to keep your wallet, handset and some other additional items you’re bringing along in one spot, this pack is ideal for any individual who likes to keep it basic.

This is the ideal backpack for your regular use. Include your necessities and take off for work or shopping. This minimized backpack will deal with everything without breaking a sweat!

Benefits of Backpack

Heavy bags may add back pain in the neck. Many people carries bag on one shoulder which can cause muscle uncomfortable and can influence your posture and the manner in which that you walk.

A backpack puts equivalent pressure on each shoulder. At the point when you place things in a backpack, conveying the load appropriately is significant. Heavier things should remain nearby to the back, so if your laptop is important, you most likely need a bag that has a section for it. A backpack with a simplified shape will remain nearer to your body and be more hostile to hang down and put pressure on your lower back.

1.      Comfortable to Transport           

Bearing your things in a backpack is much simpler than conveying them in different packs. Regardless how far you are going you can take a backpack without getting awkward. You are agreeable and have free hands and greater capacity to move around. Together, run for a transport or train then you’ll be happy that you’re conveying a backpack as you can move significantly more rapidly. You additionally have free hands which enable you to pay for things, show tickets… You can toss your pack on and forget about it. In case we’re talking backpacks for movement, they’re far simpler to move than bags. In case you’re hurdling on and off various types of transport and strolling around the cobbled lanes of urban communities then a backpack is unmistakably progressively useful.

2.      Carry Your Belongings Safely

At the point when you’re searching for a pack that can promise you the security of the assets that you’re conveying, a backpack is ideal for you. Nevertheless the way that backpacks are adaptable and lightweight, they give greatest security to the items inside them. Besides, a few backpacks are waterproof. That implies the texture of the backpack can spare your things  to get wet. You can take significant papers, garments or electronic gadgets with you without worrying for it get harmed by water. In the event that they get wet this may cause you a significant issue. From this point of view, backpacks furnish you with the benefit of conveying your merchandise safely even in awful climate.

3.      Can Be Carry for a Long Period of Time

On the off chance that you take your things in a backpack you’ll have the option to carry them for longer without facing ache. Going exploring or climbing? You’ll be taking all that you need in your backpack, so it’ll definitely be substantial. You have an excellent backpack; at that point you would option to take it for a while without encountering shoulder, neck or back suffering. Delicate, cushioned ties imply that you’ll be increasingly delightful for more, as well.

4.      Time Efficient

Time is important to us all. All know time is money. In the event that you’re in a rush, at that point you have to free your hands and you would prefer not to haul a bag behind you or have a shoulder pack keeping you from moving rapidly. Efficient compartments can imply that pressing is clear and furthermore enable you to know precisely where every one of your things is the point at which you have to discover them rapidly. Supplant your school bag, folder case or bag with a backpack of the suitable size. You will get astonished at how rapidly you can move around while as yet feeling great.

5.      Mix and Match

As we’ve referenced, backpacks beat other progressively conventional styles of pack no doubt. You can undoubtedly get to every one of your assets and move around significantly more rapidly. In any case, they’re likewise extraordinary to join with different styles of bag. For instance, when you can isolate easily.

Things to Look Before Buying a Backpack

There are some components that must be viewed as when purchasing a back pack, similar to the weight, volume, structure, and nowadays it’s hard to discover the correct backpack on the grounds that there’s such an enormous assortment. This is to help you with certain tips on what to think about when you search for your next lightweight climbing backpack.

1.      Weight

A camping bed, shelter, slumbering cushion and the backpack will be the four most important things you have to carry if you are your climbing trip. That is the reason it is so important to have a backpack that is light with the goal that you can decrease the general weight you will carry.

2.      Price

The backpack may keep going for a long time and climbing miles in the event that you take a decent care of it, so it is most likely clear to put resources into an excellent backpack. Quality doesn’t constantly mean you’re going to use up every last cent; sure you can discover premium backpacks and pay a great deal for them, and however you can likewise search around, sit tight for deals and pay to great deals. Regardless of whether you do pay ‘the maximum’ for a decent bag pack, it’s a wise thought that you get one somewhere in the range of 200$ and 500$. It will last you for a significant span of time.

3.      inside frame

Since you need to have a backpack that is lighter, you should look one that has a less huge edge and great structure. Fundamental backpacks have basic outlines and can bear burden up to 35lb. If taking a heavier burden you should search for one with a sturdier casing, and this definitely will expand your weight. At the point when you start getting into huge packs, they have additional cushioning to keep them OK with enormous loads and they’re commonly worked with increasingly solid materials in view of the additional pressure and wear they get.

4.      Materials

Great lightweight backpacks are frequently made out of two sorts of materials. Cuban fiber, which is lighter however significantly more costly, and rip stop nylon which is heavier yet less expensive. You won’t turn out badly with either decision since the materials are entirely solid and useful and there are some incredible lightweight packs produced using them.

5.      Design

The reason for a backpack is to take your stuff such that is pleasant and non-harming to your body. In the event that you have a particular need to have zippers, compartments, straps and fastenings everywhere throughout the pack at that point that is fine, it’s what you need.

6.      Comfort

It is difficult to know whether the backpack you’re taking fits you before you find the opportunity to pack it full with your supports. Backpacks come in various limits and furthermore with various back lengths, many are movable so you repurchase the nearest size to you length and afterward you can adjust it. Most great stores will assist you with picking the correct pack and ensure it is the correct size for you so it values asking and getting the pack fitted accurately.

How You Can Identify the Authentic Vera Bradley Backpack

Vera Bradley is one of the top vendors of bags selling today. They are high quality and strong. They are made of stitched texture and have various patterns to look over. Here are the means to assist you with recognizing an authentic Vera Bradley backpack.

  1. Vera Bradley has the logo on its front side of bag mentioned the brand name tag on it. On that tag it has information about the bag style, bag pattern and the retail price of that bag. And it is green color string attached.
  2. The fabric of the bag is always quilted not only printed design and you can go the brand website to check the pattern of the bag you are taking if it doesn’t appear on the site than its fake. Moreover the Vera Bradley backpack has a lot softer fabric than other bags.
  3. The new introduced bag of Vera Bradley are being usually made of zipper pulls made up of ribbons with the logo of brand name and if talking about the older bags it has fabric pull that matches its lining fabric. If the bag is not authentic than it does not of either any of the zipper pull on it.
  4. Vera Bradley always uses the pattern lining on their bags, if the bag has solid color lining than surely the bag is not authentic.
  5. The logo of Vera Bradley is also sewed inside its bags and accessories, if there is no logo tag found inside the bag than also it’s not the authentic one. 

FAQs about Vera Bradley Backpacks

Q. Are Vera Bradley Backpacks waterproof?

A. Yes some of our packs are water resistors. In the event that the pack is shut everything down the way, your gadget will remain dry in downpour and day off!

Q. Where are your fabrics of backpacks from?

A. Its company made fabrics, basically it is quilted cotton and patterned fabric it has texture of floral and are very colorful. 

Q.  Where are back packs being manufactured?

A. They are manufactured in company manufacturing factory and then come to distribution center and gets out for delivery.

Q. Do I have an option of customizing my bag pack?

A. Yes, you can customize your design at Vera Bradley website; you can change your bag pack’s floral design or color and its texture. Or you can completely make it on your own. 

Q. Can I wash my bag pack?

A. Yes, its machine wash friendly, you can wash it in washing machine try not using bleach and try to line dry it. 

Q. What if my bag breaks?

A. It is durable and long lasting, but if it breaks before using you can claim it anytime, and after its inspection you can have a new one, if it’s a fault at companies end. 

Q. What services for bag packs are unavailable from a Vera Bradley Retail store?

A. Gift boxes and customized order are not unavailable at Vera Bradley store but it is available at website if you order it online. 

Q. What is your return policy for backpacks?

A. You can return the item within 60 days of it purchase with its original receipt. 

Q. Can I return a bag pack?

A. Repack the merchandise enclosed the return form filled with original receipt and ship the merchandise to Vera Bradley.

Q. My bag pack arrived defective, what should I do?

A. While filling the return form with mentioning your defect or damage note and follow the return process.

Q. If I return a bag pack, how long does it take to process a return?

A. It takes 2-3 weeks for a return process to get completed and resolve.

A backpack is an ideal choice for your body that will aid your everyday life. Finding the correct backpack is a specific endeavor. Vera Bradley has various varieties with regards to bearing stuff. Each backpack recounts to an alternate story and one should carefully choose the one that will go with their stream! 

Vera Bradley offers delightful, brilliant, backpack accumulation. Vera Bradley backpacks for ladies are adaptable and mix perfectly with every single lady’s way of life. Accessible in more than 25 distinct examples and hues, you’re ensured to discover one that suits your special style! Regardless of whether it be a great dark, or a hot pink flower structure.

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