How to Wear and Slay the Free Spirit Summer Style

The free spirit style is a fashion style that is said to have been inspired by the hippies and free spirits of the 1960s. It is otherwise known as “boho chic” or “festival style” and is a typical summer fashion

While there are a lot of outfit ideas that you can choose to pull off this look, you may get a few things wrong if you are not careful. Therefore, this article is a compilation of 4 outfit ideas that you are sure to slay in while completely nailing the free spirit style. 

4 Outfit Ideas for the Free Spirit Style 

1. The White Little Dress

Almost everyone has that little dress in their closet. However, what everyone doesn’t know is that that little dress is a free spirit classic. This is because it is a perfect match for everything, it is also very easy to style and wear. 

What’s more? It could be any color from tan, to taupe, khaki, ivory, or cream. You can visit sites like to learn how to get good quality dresses. You just have to ensure the dress fabric is washable, breathable, and lightweight, like cotton or linen. 

2. Kimono 

This is like the most amazing piece of clothing and a must-have for your spirit free summer closet. Why? It matches with everything. Wear that kimono over everything, your favorite mini dress, swimsuit, and even distressed denim. 

3. Peasant Shirt and Denim Shorts 

Most women do not like to wear denim shorts because they often do not like the way their legs look in shorts. But that should not be a bother anymore as the latest trend is Bermuda or mid-thigh length denim. Pair these shorts with the right peasant or ethnic-designed shirt and you have the perfect free spirit outfit for a day out on the beach. 

4. Crop Knot and Maxi Skirt

With this outfit idea, you can play with colors as much as you want. You could pair a tee shirt – it has to be soft – with a maxi skirt, the skirt can either be voluminous or not. You can now knot the front of the tee-shirt. This article shows you how to knot your tee shirts in 5 different ways. The knotted tee will create an effect that has been proven to flatter every body type. 

Must-Have Accessories for Your Free Spirit Summer Style 

Knowing how to combine the outfits is not all you need to know to nail this. You also have to know what and what not to accessorize with the outfit. Some of the basic accessories for perfect free spirit summer style are the following:

1. Ankle Boots or Flat Sandals 

You are most likely going to spend the summer on the beach. If you have ever made the mistake of wearing covered shoes to a beach then you would agree with us that ankle boots or flat sandals are the perfect footwear for this look.

2. Desert-inspired or Beach Jewelry 

Topping your look with delicate beach teamed jewelry will instantly take your outfit from just comfortable to chic. Just make sure you do not go over the top and keep the jewelry simple but classy. 

3. Beading, Embroidery, or Fringe 

You can DIY any of these on your cloth or other accessories like your beach cap. Embroidering your top is not a difficult task, read this instructional article: to learn how to. If embroidery feels like too much work, then you can opt for beading since it is a lot easier and maybe more fun. 

4. Straw Hat and Bag 

Nothing says “beach” louder than straw accessories. Straw hats are not just a beauty to behold; they also serve as protection against the harsh rays of the sun. It is therefore no wonder that they are one of the archetypal accessories for this fashion style. 

5. Customized Phone Case

If there’s one thing many people usually have with them at all times, it’s their phones. So it’s the perfect item you can personalize to show off your free spirit. Custom Envy allows you to easily create your own phone cases through an online design tool, and production time only takes one to two days. Pick your all-time favorite photo or a flower, animal, or symbol that resonates with you. Use your favorite color combinations for borders or patterns, and add a quote or lyric you find inspirational. And don’t worry if you have too many ideas for one case. You can always design several so you can use whatever fits your current mood or outfit best.


Getting an outfit that would suit the free spirit summer style may be a daunting procedure. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The first stem to getting this style right is to understand that it is a style that is meant to both be comfortable and chic. With this understanding and the outfit ideas in this article, you will be rocking and slaying as a free spirit all summer.

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