Why a Board of Registered Nursing Attorney Can Help Nurses and Midwives

Getting entangled with a disciplinary situation for a nursing professional is a process that requires taking the right measures. And in the case that you are a nurse or midwife who has to appear before the board of registered nursing in your jurisdiction to defend your license, having the right attorney who understands the procedure will surely be in your best interest. 

For many health professionals, having to appear before a panel on the issue of gross misconduct and negligence of duties is quite common. But this doesn’t mean that your career has come to an end. If you know just how to defend yourself when you get a warning at work, you can advance and get yourself free with an attorney by your side. 

How to Avoid Disciplinary Panels as a Nursing Professional 

You will have to avoid engaging in any case of misconduct such as fraud, negligence of duties, or engaging in activities that can put the patients in your care in harm. You also want to conduct yourself in a professional manner while carrying out your duties. Showing up to work and shifts on time, and taking good care of your patient is one way to avoid problems as a nurse or midwife. 

But the fact is that such scenarios can’t always be avoided if you are complacent with your duties. And if you happen to have problems with drug use, there is a good chance that this can be used against you by the board of nursing professionals. Whatever the case against you, it is always advised that you seek legal counsel on the best course of action and show up on the date of your hearing with an attorney to ensure that you take the right steps to get a positive outcome. 

What to Do When Your Nursing License in Revoked

When your RN license has been revoked by the board, the first step to getting it reinstated is to petition the board. Of course, you will have your license taken away when you violate the conduct of the Nurse Practice Act (NPA) but this doesn’t mean that it is the end of your practice as a professional nurse. You will have to wait for a few years usually 2 to 3 years before you can begin the process of having your license reinstated. 

The process is usually one that comes with many challenges for nursing professionals. For many, they don’t pick up their mails, while some don’t give good reasons why they should get their license back. This is usually not the fault of the nurse or midwife as the time provided to defend the case is usually small. 

Five minutes is not enough time to present all the evidence and argue why you should get a positive outcome. This is why you want to always go with a professional who understands what is required to help you get a fair hearing when you appear before the RN board. This link https://www.registerednursing.org/articles/how-avoid-common-ethics-violations/ has more on avoiding ethics violation as a nurse.  

Finding a Board of Registered Nursing Attorney


You want to make sure that you don’t go alone to your hearing without an attorney. Some legal professionals are in the business of helping nurses appear before a disciplinary committee when it comes to defending the license or getting it reinstated once it has been revoked. The right step to take in your quest to find an RN attorney will be to 

Search for a Registered Nursing Professional Attorney 

There is no doubt that you want to work with an attorney who understands just how to defend nurses. And to ensure that you find just the right experienced professional, you want to search far and wide. This you can do by getting online and finding lawyers in your region who are experts at representing nurses in a legal case. You surely will find contacts to experts in this field when you search the internet. You can view website information to find out the exact services provided by the attorney and get in touch with them to discuss your case further. 

Consider Experience 

You only want to work with someone with years of experience in the business of helping nurses with legal issues. So you want to be critical about how many professionals they have represented in the past and find out how many of such cases they have won for their clients. You stand a better chance of getting a positive outcome in a legal case when you work with an attorney who has experience in attending to clients who have similar issues like yours in the past. 

Discuss the Best Course of Action to Take

Depending on the charges brought up against you, your attorney will be able to discuss with you the best course of action to take so you get a positive outcome. Talking with your lawyer is crucial to getting yourself free from a legal battle. They will take into account the information you provide them and work closely in gathering all the evidence you need to win. If you are appearing before the board to defend a revoked license, they will help you in preparing your case and ensuring that you know just how to improve your chances of getting the right outcome. 

Ask About Cost of Legal Services 

While you surely will have to spend on getting a legal representation when you need to appear before the board of registered nursing, it could be the best investment you can make, so you don’t get your license revoked. You will need to cover the cost of hiring an attorney and all the additional charges. The cost will depend on the law professional you choose to work with and you surely want to spend whatever it costs to get the best person for the job. 

Final Note 

Nurses and midwives can find an attorney that specializes in representing nursing professionals in a disciplinary case before the board of registered nurses. You will need to find a law firm that specializes in providing such services in your area if you have to appear before a panel to defend your license or have it reinstated. 

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