8 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed With Blanket Jackson

The Jackson family is one of the imperial Afro-American families, which has a rare care consolation from the entirety populace of the U.S. The regal nationality of a working-class African class started all at Jackson St, Gary, Indiana, which is actually the birth place of Michael Jackson. Nonetheless, I live in the East Side of the world, and I can tell you that even in this part of the globe, Jacksons are regarded to be the household foundation stones of getting Western music + lyric culture a sound breather transnationally. We could recount many singers today that were influenced by MJ; Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Aaron Bruno, Austin Brown, to mention a few.

However, I couldn’t count on my finger creases with my fingertips, of how many members living in the Jackson family reached to entertainment hall of fame’s during all these years. Astonishingly, there’s that one kid of MJ that has taken the internet by storm. He’s no other than Prince Michael Jackson II, popularly entitled as Blanket Jackson. His name sounds a bit peculiarly designated and this is all due to the fact that MJ covered all of his kids facing while they were young, obscuring them from the media. So that his kids could live a normal life without being getting into the music mainstream mania, which ran enthusiastically tigers by the tails.

Today we’ll tell you some of the most important aspects of why Blanket Jackson is overshadowing his older siblings, Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson, when it comes to the Jackson’s family lifestyle abuzz.

Michael Jackson Hanging Blanket From A Germany Hotel’s Banister

MJ dangling him from one of the hotel terraces in Germany when he was only 9 weeks old, creating a hysteric obsession among fans worldwide. Who he is and what’s his name, and definitely who’s the mother of this youngest MJ member in the family. However, Michael Jackson called it a “terrible mistake”, hanging his little infant over the Berlin hotel balcony. This is indeed is one of the notable reasons why “only this MJ kid” is quite distinguished when he’s around with his siblings Prince and Paris. Nonetheless, this gesture was one of the most scandalous generous gestures by MJ to one of own kid, letting both admirers and critics relish on this handrail juncture even to this date.

Blanket Jackson’s Mother Is Secretly ‘surrogate’ And No One Knows Her Identity

According to the stardom Jackson family precursor himself, in a 2003 documentary ‘Living with Michael Jackson’, Michael told to one of British journalist’s Martin Bashir that he had his baby Blanket with a surrogate mother. This is one of the most foremost reasons why people around the world, especially late MJ followers over the internet are fanatically crazy about. Adding to the seeking-kids-true-mother melodrama here, Prince Michael II has been the most anticipated kid of the whole Jackson Family in this modern music era.

Michael Jackson Dance Moves Are In Blanket Jackson’s Blood

We all know that Michael Jackson has always been an enthusiast dancer and willing to perform every dance step tunefully outstanding. Known to be creating his specialized anti-gravity shoes all by himself, his famous dance steps like moonwalk, circle, spin, and robot dance were all possible due to that handmade footwear of his. On the other hand, Big Jackson always relates to his father with all those preeminent on-stage dance steps. He was taught by MJ himself, owing to a family performance of “Billie Jean” as well as singing the chorus – “She says I am the one but the kid is not my son”, showing instinctive potentials of an 8-year-old. One of the household members said, “He could easily be the next Michael Jackson. He loved to dance with his dad and Michael taught him to do the moonwalk.”

Blanket Jackson’s Stage Presence is inexplicably Sad or Sarcastic?

The general public is mostly obsessed by those bizarre gestures this youngest boy in the Jackson family has. Keeping Michael Jackson height aside, his’ youngest son stands tall strangely unsung amongst his older siblings Prince and Paris. Devotees are deeply affected by these thankless gestures by Michael Jackson’s youngest child, who’s quite famous due to his mother’s anonymity from his family, the world, and even Michael Jackson himself, according to his own words.

Blanket Jackson’s One Hair Strand Is What Fans Desire

One of the creepiest of all obsessions when it comes to fans having eagle-eyeing one of the MJ’s youngest child is all due to this reason. People recall Samson from the Bible when it comes to Blanket’s long hair. Whenever he’s sitting with having his haircut dwindling at the barbershop, his hair strands are being collected just like those gold pebbles and specks getting refined at a river’s stream bed. Just like at the time when his siblings has a hairdo, security gathers around to pick and peck every least fiber that falls. This cut and trim coiffure mystery have really inundated the news media for years up to this date. Blanket’s hair collection is something more special though, and what’s happening with all that ten-year span worth of hairdos is still bothering me, and I hope you as well.

Blanket Jackson Has Become An Inadvertent YouTuber

Some of the hackers managed to leak videos of Paris and Blanket on YouTube. Most of the videos were made by Blanket himself and almost every video was homemade. Big was mostly seen joking around with one of his cousins, singing on his dad’s songs and dancing to its music, and even reenacting scenes from ‘Star Wars’. In one of the videos, he was seen side-splittingly swinging an invisible light saber and quoting the Star Wars.

Bigi Jackson has a very inimitably Eccentric Name

You just cannot let go the moniker of his name, that shows embrace, care, and love according to Michael Jackson saying in one of his interviews. On the other hand, the fans around the globe have a different understanding to it, stating that how his kids had to cover their faces when they were young led to this name. Whatever the case is, MJ’s youngest son has altered his name with Bigi, stating that he’s now being browbeaten by his mates due to his rigidly entitled appellation.

Blanket Loves His Very Own Choice For Clothing

Getting apart from his’ siblings, wearing all those trendy in-season clothing. Keeping oneself of from everything that vogue style dress dazzles and dangles around the up-to-the-minute event of élan elegances. Blanket Jackson has his own solitary flairs of dressing that are mostly modest and unsophisticated. He likes to be in a casual coat with his simplistic long hair ponytail hairstyle and keeping up with openhanded hands without any of those anti-septic hand gloves his father wore.

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