Descriptive Essay about Love – Writing Guide for Students

Love is an incredible feeling that can create or destroy everything around. Wars started and finished because of love, and when you are in love, you feel strong enough to do any kind of challenge. These thoughts are great, but they are the first mistake of writing an essay at the same time. When you begin to think and write about love without any inside conditions, your writing will be like a love letter but not an academic essay. If you don’t feel ready to streamline and summarize thoughts about this great feeling, better use a cheap reliable essay writing service with urgent delivery like CheapWritingHelp and don’t pound the poet inside. However, if you want to express yourself through a descriptive essay about love, there is a writing guide that can help you and pays attention to some specialties. 

Descriptive Essay about Love - Writing Guide for Students
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  • Remember that all the details, feelings, and impressions are necessary for this type of essay. Special traits of the person you describe or the situation you show are also important. This kind of description gives you a great opportunity to show your vocabulary and knowledge of quotes. Every love topic is great for this advice and opens a huge horizon for long deep explanations and details.
  • Give emotions. Specifically, this kind of essay provides emotions. It doesn’t mean that you must explode from passion or hopelessness, but to use some of them is obvious. On the one hand, academic writing teaches us to write in a special scientific way; on the other hand, here, you need to add emotions. In general, it is very good practice to alternate a few kinds of writing to develop different skills of students.      
  • Explain your own expressions and emotional response. Talking about love, there can’t be right or wrong opinions or decisions. It is about a well-known and intimate topic at the same time, so it gives a great area for your own conclusions and expressions. Tell what you feel, compare with movies or poems that impressed you most, follow your dreams of the future, and add personal conclusions.      
  • Show the subject from all sides. Make a view from above. The beauty of the descriptive essay is that it shows the whole picture. You can explore how the topic of love influences all life aspects. You can do it from your side and analyze how much time you started to spend studying and working, how much money you started to spend on nice small presents, what happened with your sleep and daily activity when you understood that you are in love. At the same time, it is good to make a view from above and realize if love gives you a development push and moves you forward, or slows down and takes away all energy.  
  • Follow the structure. As we mentioned above, it is not a letter of love but the writing for the score, so it has a structure and rules. This kind of essay implies not a very strict structure, but you can’t ignore it at all. There must be an introduction, main part, conclusions. It is good to make some notes before writing to put them into the structure before your thoughts of love steal whole attention.
  • Don’t forget about proofreading. Like every kind of writing a descriptive essay needs proofreading. It can be professional, like using online services or simply like reading your essay the next day. It is a good habit to proofread every important writing because, as an author, you can skip some simple and obvious mistakes and be not objective because you read the text hundreds of times. Nowadays it is very easy and will be helpful anyway.

You must be good at writing different kinds of essays to get a high score. It is hard work, and using guides is a good idea for every type of student.

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